need streamers

  1. OmenNetwork

    Youtubers/Streamers (Low Requirements)

    Hello, people of MC-Market. Omen Network is requesting a few YouTubers or streamers to come participate in our server and help with server growth. We are running low on Media roles as we stripped most of them earlier on for not being active, so if you are looking to become a media on this...
  2. Skarless

    TrickMC - Looking for Youtubers

    We are a new Factions server requesting for YouTubers/Streamers who will be offered money to record on our server. Since we are a relatively new server, we don't have a very large budget to work with, but if you're to bring on an abundance of players, we will guarantee you money sent directly to...
  3. McFarlin

    Searching for Trailer Uploaders (Paid)

    Intro Hi, I volunteer as an administrator on an upcoming PVP server by the name of "MCVerge". We are requesting YouTubers with 100 subscribers or over to upload our trailer for us. The server will be releasing on September 2nd, and we need as many uploads as we can get! Rate Our standard...
  4. Zyrl

    Towny server looking for content creators and an event manager!

    Hello everyone! First of all, thank you for visiting this thread and taking an interest. We're a relatively new towny server with a decent starting player base and continously growing. I'm the owner and I'm currently looking to forge partnerships with content creators as well as to look for an...
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