1. Niccckk

    ⚡️ TotallyCraft - Now Hiring | Event Manager | Moderators ⚡

  2. MineHaven

    MineHaven |Builders Recruitment

    Hi, I'm the representative for MineHaven. I'm looking for some experienced Builders to contact me for some work. We've got many gamemodes to make and lots of projects. We've been in need of some hard working builders. We are currently working on a massive custom prison and we need some extra...
  3. MineHaven

    MineHaven | Looking for Builders/Staff

    What are we looking for? We are currently looking for experienced staff members. We expect lots of detail put into the applications, these are currently done through our discord server. Our Requirements are as follows: - Have previous staff experience. - Be 13 years old or older. - Be mature...
  4. AB987

    Positions for a New Server! (Gamemode Undecided)

    Hi There! I am the Owner of Novally MC (Name Subject to Change) We need new Staff Members here at Novally MC! We are going to be a New Server with Events, Active Staff, and more! If you want to apply for staff, fill out this google form: If you want to...
  5. C

    CakeCraftNetworking // needing staff and builder

    so im looking for staff member and player for my towny server im gonna be start today to help out if anyone up for it please join our discord server or add me and message me Crazymonkey3799#1838 we our also gonna be truning in to a network
  6. AB987

    New server looking for staff.

    Hello There! I have a new Minecraft Server, and it is in need of staff! DM Me on discord for more info, but here is what you need to know: It is a survival server, and we need lots of staff! We are looking for experienced staff. Unfournantley, no positions will be paid. Here is some info about...
  7. ItzIndyNL

    SoltixNetwork needs builders

    I am Indy. And our server is about to release and we want to make our server with our plugins. We have several game modes but we will release them on different days in the future. The main reason why we needs builders, is we have a lot of premade in the server and we cant do things in us own (2)...
  8. N

    Need paid builders

    We need builders(paid) for my server primegames. For more info please PM me. Thanks
  9. TyFoxy


    Welcome all, by the titles you are expect something with Skydoesminecraft right? Well, this is no trick, this is a legitimate offer to those who wish to be the first pioneers to help this project out! We have a funding page we'd like to share if you would like behind the scenes access, ranks...
  10. xDropx

    Needs builders. Will be paid once work is done.

    Hello I am xDropx. One of the Owners of a server that will be coming named AvastPvP. We will have Hardcore factions and maybe practice and kitpvp. We will need a very proffesional build team. Please keep in mind to apply: You will need to include pictures of YOUR builds. You will have to work...
  11. O

    Half-Life [Factions] - Looking For Devs, Mods And Builders -

    Hello! My name is Logan and I am currently a moderator on Half-Life Factions. Our server is currently looking for Developers(Plugin Management or Web), Moderators and Builders! The owner (J1z) has been working tirelessly to bring you one of the greatest Factions Servers out there. We have...
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