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needs mature staff

  1. CDFLPrison

    Server needs builders/staff

    Today,I have started to work on my own Factions server. Me and my friend are doing everything for the plugins,but neither of us are good at building,so I need a few builders to possible make us a spawn for a faction server. I know this doesnt look fancy :) its just a simple request for someone...
  2. CDFLPrison

    SomethingGood prison needs staff

    My server is very new,and needs all staff members. Including--Developer-Co-owner-Head-admin-admin-Head mod-mod-helper-builder-chat monitor-.I hope you join :D i know there is not alot of detail but that is cause i have just created the server and need loads of help to make a op prison server...
  3. T

    Needs Mature Staff!

    We are TheKrypticMC, We need some amazing and mature staff to help us grow and become even better then ever Our ip is the fallowing once you get staff we will rout you to the main server. IP RECRUIT.THEKRYPTICMC.COM
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