1. Gizmo

    FastNick - Easy and efficient nicknames v1.1

    FastNick depends on ProtocolLib and PacketWrapper to run. If you need support then you can open an issue where we will help you.
  2. SUPY

    Nicks v1.0

    FEATURES Mvdw and papi support No effort nicking Easy and plugin like setup Luckperms and LPC support Custom Rank nick permissions Skin change support FUTURE UPDATES V2 - More advanced configuration settings V3 - More admin commands(Player nick history), in-game config V4 - Not planned...
  3. itspinger

    DisguiseAPI v1.3.4

    DisguiseAPI is a Spigot plugin that enables players to disguise themselves as other players, with the ability to change their nickname and skin. In addition to basic disguising, DisguiseAPI provides a simple way to manage and regulate multiple Disguise plugins on your server by extending its...
  4. itspinger

    Hynick v1.4.0

    Requires DisguiseAPI downloaded on your server!
  5. itspinger

    Disguise v2.6.6

    Disguise+ is the next-gen skin and nick changer. It is a fast, user-friendly plugin that allows you to change the way you look in-game. It works on both cracked and premium servers, which makes it a go-to when it comes to these types of plugins. This plugin depends on DisguiseAPI, Vault...
  6. BCraft

    NicksColors - Alls Colors v1.0

  7. idkkkkk

    Nick plugin

    Hello, i'm looking for a nick plugin that can work for a plugin called "SkywarsX" DM me on site if you can make this (ill pay duh)
  8. idkkkkk

    Nick plugin

    Hello, if anyone could make a /nick plugin Features: Random skin, Random name, You can choose a name, You can choose a skin, The plugin needs to work with this plugin (i will provide the api). (I will pay obv) My discord (if you can make it add me)...
  9. DeadlyDeadpoolG

    BungeeCord Hypixel Nick Plugin

    Plugin category: Fun/Admin Tools Minecraft version: 1.8+, 1.9+, 1.10+, 1.11+, 1.12+ Suggested name: BungeeNickPlus What paying service I will use: PayPal When I'd like it by: Any time What price I am willing to buy it for: Anything that is reasonable Today I am searching for a developer who can...
  10. illusixn

    NickGUI Perk to change name color within a GUI! v1.0

    A much easier way for your Players to change their Name color within a GUI! Perfect for a Donator perk in Buycraft! | Commands? | "/nick" | Permission Node | "nickgui.use" | Config File | | Nick GUI Preview | Click Me! | Chat Preview | | Coming Soon | Bold Names...
  11. K

    Nick Plugin [5$]

    Hey, im selling a Nick Plugin for 5 Dollars. How does it work? You will get 2 Plugins. One is for the lobby. One is for the GameServer. In the Lobby, all Player's with the right Permission get an Item called Nick Item(You can change the Name in the Config). When they enable it, and join a...
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