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  1. UltrasonicRhino

    Someone to configure and fix bugs for Titan MC non-op

    Hey, I'm setting up the titanmc server (non-op prison) and need help. Now before someone says something. NO, I am not opening this up to the public (so many people have already tried to do this) Just for certain players. With that said I want it perfect or "close to". The server files I got a...
  2. B

    New NON-OP PRISON SERVER Coming soon!

    Hey guys BINGs_MoM here! So me and my friend have decided to make a new minecraft server since we could never find a true NON-OP Prison server. Now we have just made our own for people that have been trying to find one and just couldn't. The Server consist of many different things. There are...
  3. C

    Creating a non-op prison server

    A few times I have created a server for fun and it can be really good, not the best but 10-20 players most the time to me was good, for something small I made I'm interested in creating another due to lack of good non-op prison servers, I'm experienced with configuring all the plugins, i can...
  4. AmIACookie

    Factions Server v1.0 - Files - Fully Setup

    Hello, today i am selling one of my recent setups that i have made. This is my basic factions setup called factions server v1.0 In the name more advanced and more developed versions of this will be coming soon! What Is This? Well, this setup is a basic factions setup that is completely editable...
  5. C

    My Minecraft Prison Server.

    PAYMENT FIRST! DONT LIKE IT? MOVE ON THEN, DON'T NEED YOUR OPINION. You will be given all the server files and Owner access on the website, I will have no files, access or anything to the server after this. I need to focus on YouTube so will be selling my prison server, I've been working...
  6. Maxigen

    OG Prison // In need of active builders!

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