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not paid

  1. parpar8090

    why am I even requesting this for free

    Hello, I'm parpar8090 and I'm the owner of Wisel Network (IP:, and I need a good-looking spawn for the survival server at the network. First of all the requirements: Spawn is leading to a Tutorial path. At the end of the tutorial path, should lead to 2 portals: Mining world and...
  2. ECLIP3S

    Paid developer/configurer

    I own a server called EndurableMC, and we are looking for a developer to do things such as custom plugins, bug fixes, plugin configuration, and permission setups. We are a small KitPvP, SMP, and Prison server. Our budget is pretty low, but will go up in the coming months. Please contact me on...
  3. fall3ngam3r

    ⚠️ Staff Positions ⚠️ - MUST BE FILLED! ⚠️ FallenFlame ⚠️Survival ⚠️ Skywars ⚠️

    Please read before applying!!!!! Apply on website Look down. Please Note Position are not paid at the moment!! Anyone can apply for right now time on the server is not required at this time!!!!! Join the discord I dont read post!!!! Website Application...
  4. D

    Need Developer For A New Server

    Hey Guys, I'm Here Today Because I Need A Developer Who Can Get Stuff Done And Have Skills With A List Of Plugins Like PermissionsEx Etc. It Would Also Be Nice For Them To Just Be Doing This To Have Fun Because I Cannot Pay Them, It Would Also Be Nice If They Have Skills With Making Plugins...
  5. jacobsscoots

    Requesting free developer for one plugin

    Hi there, I am requesting for a free-lance developer who will help me with a plugin that I need to be created. I have tried making it myself but unfortunately, I am not an advanced coder and I have coded in 10 months. Please add me on skype if you're interested so we can talk more about the...
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