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  1. RadioCloud

    Need some feedback on a Network I will be creating

    Hey, I am going to be opening a network and I needed some input on what gamemodes/features I should have on it. I made a short google form and if people don't mind filling it out, it should take about 2-3 minutes. The link is included below. If you want to be notified when the network opens...
  2. RadioCloud

    Creating a Network and need some input. It should take about 2-4 min and any responses help greatly

    Hello, I will be creating a network and wanted some input before I created it. I have included a link to a survey where you can fill out your input on what you would like. If you would like me to PM you when the network has been released you may tell me on this thread...
  3. RadioCloud

    Gaming laptop

    I travel a lot and so I am looking to purchase a 14" or under gaming laptop. Initially, I was panning on getting the RazerBlade 2017 but since reading reviews I have changed my mind. I was just posting this thread to see if anyone more experienced can recommend me a laptop that fits the...
  4. Dreamzrm

    Anyone else hyped for this game?!

    Anyone else hyped for Last of us 2, one of my favourite games and just noticed they are releasing a Last of us 2 soon! anyways this is very off topic :) In case anyone hasn't seen the trailer looks great! Kind regards, Dreamzrm
  5. Hayden

    Most expensive Christmas present?

    What is the most expensive Christmas present you have either received or given? Some people may say it doesn't matter what the cost is but just the spirit of giving. Well whatever, this is about the cost. #DealWithIt
  6. Meluii

    would you rather...

    Would you rather...
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