1. StellarMine

    Stellar OneBlock - Unmatched Oneblock v1.0

    [/SPOILER] You need to install these plugins manually! CITIZENS (Fullwall): TAB (NEZNAMY):
  2. KwSRaptor

    Buying budget server with 5+ PB!

    Buying a server Survival/Factions/Skyblock (Anything Related To Survival, but not vanilla) Investment - $100 Requirements: Must include Domain. Must provide proof of Ownership Custom Plugins 10+ Daily Players
  3. 24

    Full Skyblock Setup - 60 Islands 1 Spawn v1.0

    Build Information Size: 8x8–->17x17 islands and; 400x400 spawn Interiors: Yes! Type: Skyblock Build Setup Pack Theme: Multi-Theme + Fantasy 🔨Why Buy This? This product stands out because of the amount of detail and amount of work you are getting for your money. At Aspire/24, we strive to give...
  4. CinturonCris

    ONEBLOCK - Setup of the gods v1.0-7

    OVERVIEW: This ᴏɴᴇʙʟᴏᴄᴋ it is the best out there since it does not use any premium plugins. The server is 1.20.1 native but it still works until 1.20.4 Please check the Readme.txt & HowToInstall.txt after purchasing so you can install the setup correctly. FEATURES: REWARDS | Rewards claims...
  5. Zalbus

    Legend OneBlock | Custom OneBlock Setup v0.6

    Quick Overview: With over 1+ month(s) and hours over hours of work working time: This setup is a simple custom and clean Starter OneBlock Setup! It officially supports 1.20 up until 1.20.4 (Native 1.20.1) and can hold a lot of players. Please keep in mind, this setup is a very simple OneBlock...
  6. xRebelD00

    Spawn / Marine Paradise / 180x130 v1.0

    TIP: Before using schematic use /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0
  7. Artemis Studios

    Oneblock | Free v1.2

    Overview: The main version of the server is designed as 1.20.4. You need to use the ViaVersion plugin to be able to enter the server with all versions. you can get technical support through our discord server. We work carefully to provide you with the best service. Showcase: Video...
  8. AlinMihai96

    Unique OneBlock - Premium Setup v1.0

    MAP IS FROM Artillex-Studios INFORMATIONS: This OneBlock Setup is the best one out there with ZERO premium plugins. The native server version is 1.19.4 Please check the README.txt after purchasing so you can install the setup correctly. <3 FEATURES ONEBLOCK Custom Map Free Plugins Skills...
  9. Madux_

    Simple Oneblock Setup v1.1

    For an in-depth look at all the features in this setup, scroll down to discover a comprehensive breakdown of the essential elements If you come across any errors, please don't hesitate to contact me on Discord (izonee__) and let me know about the issue, so I can address it in the next...
  10. Atomatrix

    ONEBLOCK - Premium Server Setup v1.1.3

    NOTE: Please refer to the documentation before asking for support in the Discord Server. (Buyers must verify their purchase to gain access to support) OVERVIEW: This Oneblock Setup is the best one out there with Island Biomes, Quests, Player Shops, Jobs, Playtime Levels, Custom Menus & more...
  11. p376em

    NuttyMC | Recruiting Staff Members For Many Roles

    Introduction Hello, we are working on a new Minecraft Network called Nutty MC. The network is a custom server, Focused around OneBlock, Skyblock, SMP and Prison. Nutty MC will shortly be moving towards a completely custom server to create variation within the Minecraft community. This is to try...
  12. PremadeSetups

    OneBlock Setup | Deluxe v1.3

    ・ONEBLOCK SETUP is a product that provides quality in terms of configurations, designs and mechanics, offering a new fresh air of minigames at a very affordable price. ONEBLOCK gameplay is pretty simple. Players will spawn in a single block in the air with no other resources nearby. The only...
  13. olangus

    OneBlock Server Setup v1.5

    Features : - OneBlock configured plugin : Fully Configured OneBlock plugin with custom phases & custom messages! - Daily Rewards : Make your server more active. - Configured Ranks : Comes with Premium as well as Admin ranks. - Custom TAB & Scoreboard : Give an opportunity for...
  14. Requlogia

    BentoBox - Rank Upgrade Config v1.0.0

    Overview: This configuration was created using the DeluxeMenus plugin. The purpose of the configuration is to upgrade the rank by completing the requirements. Features: Upgrade | Your players can upgrade the rank. Title & Subtitle Message | Your players will receive a title message when they...
  15. Brutal Studios

    OneBlock Config | ScoreBoard & Tab v1.1

    I would just like to ask you to leave a rating and a comment. Thank you <3 Welcome to the special configuration product introduction of TAB & Scoreboard plugin. You can have detailed information about our product below. This product; Contains the configuration of the TAB plugin. Our...
  16. SkyGaut

    Loutraria | A brand new Network

    Loutraria Network It's a brand new network that currently contains : KitMAP HCF - OneBlock. With somes custom features that you havn't seen anywhere ! Our main gamemode will be our PvP/Faction that will open the 11 november at 4pm CEST (10am EST) but our BETA open the 14 october at 4pm CEST...
  17. Diekieboy

    EroOneblock Setup | High Quality 0

  18. Diekieboy

    UniOneBlock | Unique Systems v1.0.0

  19. Requlogia

    ONEBLOCK Texture - Unique Server Setup v1.0.1

    Overview: The main version of the server is designed as 1.16.5. You need to use the ViaVersion plugin to be able to enter the server with all versions. In order to view the special items prepared with the resource pack, you need to log in with optifine. The colorings in the setup have been...
  20. Requlogia

    ONEBLOCK - Unique Server Setup v1.0

    Overview: The main version of the server is designed as 1.16.5. You need to use the ViaVersion plugin to be able to enter the server with all versions. The colorings in the setup have been carefully designed. Before presenting the product to you, many controls have been provided and its...
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