op prison setup

  1. Memesalot

    WTB OP Prison Setup

    Looking for a OP Prison setup. Looking to spend up to $100 for a good one. I do have my own custom prison core so technically that doesn't need to be included - but it's an added bonus if the setup comes with one that's ready to go out of the box. Please DM me here if you have something you...
  2. Intazar Siam

    Looking for a best OP survival setup

    Hi builtbybit, I'm looking for an OP survival setup for my server. There are few requirements for the server: Java & Bedrock support. Modded. Player attractive survival lobby. Dungeons. Auction. Shops. Extra words: I know that sometimes you don't give any bedrock support before. But you can...
  3. Belmont

    MCPRISON CORE SETUP | Custom Plugins v1.4

    MCPRISON CORE SETUP was designed to drastically improve the end users gameplay experience for their prison servers. With many powerful features whilst also keeping performance at the highest priority. Also it was tested on a production network, so it's correctly balanced (enchantments prices...
  4. Cream

    Prison Setup | Feedback and Suggestions are more than welcome!

    Post has been inspired by Cloud Development - thank you for the idea haha. :p I thought that the resources page could use some higher quality setups. I thought I'd release one for fun, doesn't matter if it doesn't sell or if it does. Doesn't hurt anybody, right? At the same time, I can get...
  5. PremadeSetups

    NEW PRISON SETUP | Pickaxe Level | Duels vUpdate 3.4

    Version 1.12.2 Main Core (1.8.x to 1.18.x can join) Java 8 LuckPerms (Group Plugin) Prison servers are not set in any of the massive natural biomes that are characteristic of the game. Instead, they take players into a prison theme spawn, where he/she must mine, gather resources, exchange them...
  6. StrikesDev


    Hello, I am StrikesDev, I planned to sell the Ownership + Resell rights of one my best Prison Setup (Link below), I am getting more busy in life and can't operate the support and license anymore, so I decided to sell the ownership of this setup. I have made over 2.3k+ U.S DOLLARS from this...
  7. ItzMehMaikel

    Deluxe Menu Prison Warp GUI 3 Themes, 26 Global Mines, 6 Donator Mines vV1.0

    ✨ Deluxe Menu Prison Warp GUI ✨ Features: 3 Different themes 4 Global warps 26 Normal Mine Warps 6 Donator Mine Warps Themes: Blue Pink Yellow Required Plugins: Essentials (for the warps) Permission plugin (e.g. luckperms) DeluxeMenus INSTALLATION (You can also read the READ ME.txt...
  8. cedhanburada

    ✅ (NEW) Prison Setup (1.8.X) | Only 5 $ | 3 piece |

    NOW $5 !!! Discord : benFeri#9228 UPDATES *New Prison Setup Trailer
  9. StrikesDev


  10. PremadeSetups

    Prison Setup v11.6

    Welcome english friend! You have come to this place to complete your mission, which is to buy one of the best prison servers in the market. When you buy DELUXE EDITION I will start the challenge, where you will discover many things, incredible builds, PICKAXE upgrades, autosell, rewards, pets...
  11. M

    OP PRISON! 5 - 15 playerbase 3 weeks old

    Message me for more information Dhric#6944 Or email me : [email protected] server is custom codded enchantments are custom 5 donator ranks a - z mines 105 prestiges and loaded with cool features made 324$ in 3 weeks spent over 100$ on this server 6gb ram shockbyte host used discord member -...
  12. FharexLOLI

    <|> FharexMC <|> OP-PRISON <|> CUSTOM BUILDS <|> CUSTOM CONFIGS <|>$35 ONLY <|> NEW

    Hello, i started this project in 2018 summer. The server was released in 2018 may 10 and i got donatos amount: $527.12 I got only the files with server icon and discord server. I used minecraftmarket, now its closed forever, so i dont have proof of this. I'm not joking...
  13. R


    Hello Everyone, im selling a op prison setup for cheap price (EARNINGS WILL GO THROUGH MY SCHOOL TUITION FEES) if you have any question, just ask me on discord [ PixelatedHighDev#9038]
  14. Luigical

    PRISON REBORN | Trees | Menus | Enchants v2.1

    You may check out all my servers at the address below: hub.premieresetups.com The test server also includes a /cheat menu so you can see all the different ranks and such without spending hours grinding. This isn't in the real setup. LOOKING FOR SOMETHING 1.19 NATIVE? CHECK OUT THE NEW MYTHIC...
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