1. N

    Oraxen bedrock texturepack conversion

    Hello there! I am looking for someone that is able to make a bedrock texture pack out of my Oraxen texturepack, if you are able to do this please add me on discord: neintje
  2. iPlexity

    iPlexity | Superhero Collectables v1.0

    iPlexity | Superhero Collectables Collectables Included in Resource: Superman Collectable Wonder Woman Collectable Captain America Collectable Batman Collectable Robin Collectable Joker Collectable Iron Man Collectable (Variation 1) Iron Man Collectable (Variation 2) Flash Collectable...
  3. iPlexity

    iPlexity | Easter Eggs v1.0

    iPlexity | Easter Eggs Items Included in Resource: Gold Easter Egg Blue Easter Egg Blue and Orange Easter Egg Red and Purple Easter Egg Green Easter Egg Cyan Easter Egg Pink Easter Egg Purple Easter Egg Quick Preview of Items Configurations Included in Resource: ItemsAdder [Drag & Drop]...
  4. v0idPlus

    v0id Welcome UI | ItemsAdder & Oraxen v1.0

    Free Support via Discord Discord: v0idPlus
  5. iPlexity

    iPlexity | Easter Pack v1.0

    iPlexity | Custom Backpacks Items Included in Resource: Easter Armor Set Easter Hat Easter Headband Easter Wings Easter Backpack Easter Chest [Furniture] Easter Key [Read Notes Below] Easter Flag Easter Sword Easter Pickaxe Easter Axe Easter Shovel Easter Hoe Easter Staff Easter Bow Easter...
  6. Taco Studios

    ZAuctionsHouse | Custom Gui v1.2

    This package contains: 9 GUI menus (SubMenus on Discord) 5 tags (on Discord) To ensure proper functionality, you will need to have ItemsAdder or Oraxen and ZAuctionHouse installed. If you have any questions or problems with the product, please ask for support on Discord, we will be happy to...
  7. BenchStack

    Royal Crates Animated v1.0

    Royal Crates Animated 3D models Crates and Keys, good for MMORPG and Cosmetics servers. Include ItemsAdder & Oraxen support pack and Vanilla. Includes x70 3D models animated. Move the "ItemsAdder" folder to the "YourServer\plugins" folder. (If you use only ItemsAdder) Move the "Oraxen" folder...
  8. Artillex-Studios

    Foods Extension | 46 Unique Foods v1.0.1

    If you're a server owner or looking for Custom Food & Drink Icons for any reason this resource is for you! Foods Extension (46 Custom Icons) The resource includes: ♦ 46 new & unique textures ♦ PNG filesl Configurations include: ♦ ItemsAdder configuration ♦ Oraxen configuration IMPORTANT...
  9. MegaEvolution

    Custom Mob - Golem Skeleton v1.0

    This pack contains - Golem Skeleton bbmodel - Fancy Animations Custom Skills - Custom Sounds [Video demostration] Requeriments Oraxen required to load sounds MythicMobs used for skills ModelEngine used to load bbmodels
  10. Crystal Creations

    Emoji Pack v1.0.1

    70 Emojis Overview This pack ads a lots of new emojis to your server using Oraxen / ItemsAdder. These icons can be used on both Minecraft or Discord chat. This resource contains: • 70 New emoji icons This pack contains configurations for the following plugins: • ItemsAdder Configuration...
  11. EspartaProJunior

    Dig and Decorate Vol1 v1.0

    ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ About this product Decorate your mines and others using these 4 variations of each Mineral, each with its own texture and shine :), designed with...
  12. NitroSetups

    MenuTemplatePack - Matt v1.0.0

    Looking to spice up your menus with custom menus? You have come to the right place. With the Menu Template Pack you will get the perfect package of menu graphics, buttons, frames and slots to build the perfect menus for your server. The Menu Template pack is available in multiple themes, view...
  13. EspartaProJunior

    Unearth and Discover Vol 1 v1.0

    ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ WHAT ELSE DOES IT BRING? UnearthMechanic plugin that allows you to create new ways of interacting with Furniture/Blocks Multi-stage switching capability...
  14. EspartaProJunior

    MobsLibrary Peaceful and Neutral v1.0

    ______________________________________________________________________ MobsLibrary (Peaceful Mobs) ______________________________________________________________________ WHAT ELSE DOES IT BRING? An important wiki with large proportions, useful decoration and a badge when unlocking mob Icons...
  15. EspartaProJunior

    SeasonUtilitys v1.0

    ______________________________________________________________________ SeasonUtilitys ______________________________________________________________________ WHAT ELSE DOES IT BRING? Lemon Crop (2 sprites & 5 models) Orange Crop (2 sprites & 3 models) Peach Crop (1 sprite & 3 models) Plum Crop...
  16. EspartaProJunior

    Emotes Pack for MCC and IA v1.0

    EmotePack I present you my first pack of Emotes that will be added as time goes by Emotes List loop, angry attack, spooky dance, sumerge, fly, stand, chocobo walk, spawn, tpose, hurt me, disassemble, tiki dance, stun, punch down, lying, pointing to, impact hit, impatient, fast, run scared...
  17. CrazyStudios

    Rewards UI - ItemsAdder/Oraxen & DeluxeMenus Configs

    https://builtbybit.com/r/39090/ Important Links: Discord: https://discord.gg/VzWWk8U3Z8 Resource Link: https://builtbybit.com/r/39090/
  18. flouzi

    Cosmetics Pack | Itemsadder Oraxen v1.0

    Cosmetics Pack This pack contains 5 hats and 3 bagpacks you can use this pack with Itemsadder & Oraxen & CosmeticsCore This resource includes: 5 hat : Glass hat Hat hat dragon hat Cones hat Frog hat 3 bag pack: penguin Snowman Guitar Preview in Game Requirements Oraxen or...
  19. iPlexity

    iPlexity | Custom Backpacks v1.0

    iPlexity | Custom Backpacks Backpacks Included in Resource: Futuristic Backpack Hunting Backpack Jet Pack Backpack [Animated] Musical Backpack Samurai Backpack Scuba Backpack Solar Powered Backpack [Animated] Space Backpack [Animated] Steampunk Backpack [Animated] Wizard Backpack Quick...
  20. CrazyStudios

    Rewards GUI | Configs & Textures v1.1

    🔍 Looking for a Custom texture rewards configuration? Look no further! This pack includes both a ✨ Beautiful custom UI and the perfect ⚙️ config for Daily, Weekly and Monthly rewards, catering to both ranked and non-ranked players. Elevate your Players experience on your server and make it more...
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