1. Edword

    Party v0.0.1

    BETA-VERSION Party System Invite your friends and form a squad of up to 14 players using the party system. To create a group, simply use the /party invite (name) command. Promote & Kick You can promote everyone who is in your party use the /party promote (name) to make the member an admin and...
  2. ToBu

    SALE! (50%) [NEW] Partysystem + SourceCode (Bungeecord) v1.1

    ★ Partysystem + SourceCode (Bungeecord) ★ This Partysystem is unique, you can edit all you want to your like with the included sourcecode. This will make your Server better and unique! Keep in mind: You need Bungeecord to run this Plugin! /Party invite <player> - Invite a Player to your...
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