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  1. JuztAndy

    Build Photography - Sunset and Night Time photos aswell

    Selling two images of a beautifull sunset and night time in Minecraft - Offer via Discord: JuztAndy#7206 I will take professional rendered and unrendered photographies from your Minecraft builds; - $0.99 for 3 photos
  2. I

    (free) photo editing

    I will can make your pictures look better with color grading/correcting and other adjustments. -no photoshopping (free, building my portfolio).
  3. Brice

    Photography shots

    I was debating on either putting this in appraises or in here. If I mod needs to move it go ahead :P Uhm, I was wondering if I should sell these photos, put them up as free resources, or just make a thread and keep posting them there until I finish my website. Most recent shot...
  4. Brice

    Dark Nature Thread Template 1.0

    Ello! This is a thread based on a simple design but with a nature heading fading into a black background. Do not need to worry about copyright issues with the image because it was taken by me!
  5. GalaxyRealms

    Logo for my business

    I have recently started a photography business and I am now looking for someone that can make "smart logos" meaning logos that look quite simple, but have something behind the image. I am still working on the name for my company, but I would really love to have someone to make a professional...
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