1. Cezar_

    PHP Login Secure Page

    Hello, I'd like to request a login page for my staff, the page will cover an entire subdomain like "", avoiding people to enter "" or something. The page will have sessions to let people login automatically after they leave the browser. We use MariaDB...
  2. makkmarci13

    LiveChat PHP Script v1.0

    EasyLive (Instant) Chat web application on php. Features: Easy installiation Live (Instant) Chat Registration Unlimited chat account Mobile support Modern Design Private messages Password change Friends requests (accept, deny) Requirements: PHP 5.6 or newer MySQL Database Webserver...
  3. TBNRItzDoge

    I need help with file uploading

    Check for my php config I can't upload files with uploadfile.php
  4. NumeJuxatre

    Minecraft INTRO page! HTML/CSS/PHP+BANNER

    Hello guys! So as i dont need this intro page anymore i will sell it! Banner include .aep file! PHP (CGI) Version 7.0 ITRO page SCREEN: Easy to configure+proof of ownership: BANNER: Since is Christmas time, i will give it for free for first 5 users! Cuz i dont have vc! My buyers Price after...
  5. Zigenzag

    Advice / Assistance | PHP, Linux and Windows Servers | Free

    Hi Guys, Id like to gain a bit of rep on here because why not. If anyone has anything they need help with from a Web Developer / Systems administrator point of view I'm happy to help. I'm knowledgeable with Linux and Windows server environments. Spent last couple of years working with Windows...
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