players needed

  1. gtaunfair

    Ignore this post look at my other one

    we are a new “hopefully upcoming” Network of servers looking to grow our safe and fun community and staff team!! We support Java Minecraft versions 1.8 and above! LAG FREE SERVERS Our Servers have 128gb ram and a Dual Intel L5520 2.8GHz CPU. So you shouldn’t be experiencing any lag! Our...
  2. K

    Server testers

    A new gta server made a couple weeks ago. Still implementing stuff and need some players to test some things out. We also have staff positions available if you're interested in that as well Builder Application Mod Application
  3. complexmc


    We are complex minecraft server and we are looking for promoters for our server. We are looking for people who are willing to advertise for a reasonable price for a minecraft server, but we are mostly targeting youtubers, but we are also willing to accept other types of advertising. If you...
  4. T

    FireNations Factions - Staff needed/devs

    FireNations Faction server getting released in 2 days! We are looking for Staff and Developers! (Not paid yet, but in the future maybe!) 1.8-1.13 Disc Code: knwmZEY
  5. Natophysical

    Professional Moderation & Plugin Developers

    Hello, I'm Invader. I'm looking to promote my server, TheSociety; []. It's a bit dead right now, however I feel the confidence that the server has the possibility of growing tremendously well. This is my first time hosting a server ever and I feel as if compared to most...
  6. B

    Minecraft Server List Votes | CHEAPEST | FAST | SAFE | GET PLAYERS | AS LOW AS $0.55/100

  7. S

    Content Creators for new FACTIONS SERVER

    Hi there, I'm a faction server in need of a new playerbase for the new server that's just released today. Ideally I'm looking for content creators and promoters to have a look around the server, and if they enjoy it, then to create some content. If you have any questions then please be sure to...
  8. Paradox Builds

    Thread Retracted - Wrong Section

    Paradox Network Paradox Network is an upcoming Minecraft server network that is ever expanding and growing both inside the game and outside of it. With different types of servers to suit different types of players, we are sure to have your favourite modes in store! (Or in stock very soon) ⚙☸⚙...
  9. ItsTareX

    PowerUHC Open 20:00 uhc starts in 21:00 (GMT+1)

    ★ >> Power-UHC << ★ ➤IP: ➤Open 02.03.2018 AT 20:00(GMT+1) ➤ ➤UHC Starts AT: 21:00 ➤We are expecting you in as many numbers as possible
  10. ItsTareX

    Players For PowerUHC

    ★ >> Power-UHC << ★ ➤IP: ➤FFA ➤Timber ➤CutClean ➤TimeBomb ➤Fireless ➤NoClean ➤NoFallDamage ➤TripleOres ➤Starting in 13:00 GMT+1
  11. T

    [HelixCraft] [Factions] Server Recruiting Staff/Builders/Managers And Looking For Players!

    We are HelixCraft, a active factions community recently launched looking for staff, players and managers! We plan on expanding after awhile and launching different gamemodes like prison and others. :) If you wish to apply, you may do so here or on our website that will launch in about 1 week...
  12. Q

    Youtubers, Players and Staff for the EnderCity server

    Hello! I am QNB, Manager of EnderCityMinecraft. The server is currently in need of youtubers and players, with some staff spots available as well. All our information for applying is on the discord, which you can find the link to on the server, where there is a pressure plate and auto-broadcasts...
  13. King_Tije

    Seahwakfactions in need of players and staff!

    seahawkfactions in need of players and staff, please join: and then apply in #application-format! if you just wanna play, join the discord and play in the server ip:
  14. M

    PlatinumMC / Need players / Staff / Youtuber's / NETWORK

    Hello, I am the owner of PlatinumMC and we are in need of players and Staff Members. JOIN NOW: To become staff you must know basic commands and be mature. This server is about Fun, we have SkyPvp Factions Skyblock Murder Mystery SkyWars FFA Creative 1VS1...