plugin badlion

  1. MT


    A comprehensive PracticePvP plugin. It's similar to the one on Hypixel and the one on Badlion. For details masecla22#6710 on discord. I'm selling it for 10$ and I will help you set it up along with suggesting everything you might need to make your server for 5$.
  2. Konak75

    /Fly slow breaking time :(

    Okay so I got a problem. I got EssentialsX on my own spigot server (hosted on my laptop, not public). The problem is that when you go /fly in survival, you break blocks very slow. let's say you mine a dirt block in 1 second, with /Fly in survival it is 3 seconds. Is there a way you can make the...
  3. PulledAnAce


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