plugin minigame

  1. ByOnyx

    BingoPlus - Play Bingo with your Friends v1.06

    Bingo+ is a bingo minigame plugin. Bingo+ is easy to install on your server. There are an in-game config and many other options which are waiting for you to discover. For any problem, you can contact me. In-Game Config : Every settings are customizable in-game very easily. You can change...
  2. Drawethree

    ⭐Selling AMAZING minigames ⭐

    Hello everyone, my name is Drawethree and I am a plugin developer. If you are looking for some minigames that would enhance your server you are here right. I am author of BuildBattlePro plugin, GetDownPro plugin and Craft IT plugin, which are minigames. GetDown is a last man standing &...
  3. Drawethree

    [50% OFF] [5€]⭐GetDownPlus⭐ BungeeCord | MultiArena | MySQL | Kits | Coins | LuckyBlocks | Mapvoting

    GetDownPlus is a minigame plugin created by Drawethree. Your goal is to get down to the end of the map as first. But be aware ! During your journey, you have to collect CoinBlocks, or try your luck with LuckyBlocks! After end of all maps, players will have time to buy items from the shop and get...
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