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plugin setup

  1. nthByte

    nthByte Services | ⚡ HIGH QUALITY SERVICES ⚡

    If you'd like to do business with us, you can join our discord by clicking the flyer or you can add C10#9398!
  2. Jxliette

    ⭐Custom ShopGuiPlus configurations ⭐ CHEAP ⭐

    Hey there! I'm selling custom ShopGuiPlus configurations for a small price. Depending on how many Categories there are, I'll charge and we can talk about the price in DMs. I'll make another one that you can buy instantly, but that one will probably have others using it. Send me a DM...
  3. EtoWorks

    Hire me to configure/setup anything

    I am looking for a decent job and will configure/setup anything even its a plugins, youtube banner, youtube profile, discord setup or anything with my own knowledge and past experiences. Contact me at Discord: Shik#4559
  4. Anthony B.

    ❖ Candor Services ❖ - Reliable | Quality | Simplicity [Configuration]

  5. redrum64

    Setup Basic Server/Setup More Advancesed server

    Basic Server: - 10 Starting plugins (Essentials, Permission Plugins, Factions, mcmmo) These are examples - Configure Plugins - I'll make the plugins work well with eachother, No clashing. - Votifier Advanced Server: - 20 Plugins (Towny, Jobs, Multiverse, Shops, VotingRewards) These are examples...
  6. S

    Server Plugin Setup - Specialists Preferred

    So I currently run a custom factions server, that is just starting to grow. A lot of the members on my server have requested to make it more of an RPG Factions, and I have found a few plugins that I believe would fit really well on my server. I just need someone that can config these for me...
  7. yessey1998

    Website Setups | Plugin Setups | Server Setups

  8. CelestialSatyr

    !Closed for now!<|> Server Setups <|> Plugin Setups <|> 0/3 Vouch Copies left!

    Hello! Welcome to my thread. Let me start off by telling you a bit about myself. I'm Luc, also known as CelestialSatyr. I'm currently 16 years old and i enjoy playing Minecraft and other games. I love to set up servers or help with configuring plugins. I also love to build, so that's a little...
  9. ChronosYT

    Starter Pack Server

    All the files included in the starter pack, i would like a vouch for this :D -Spigot 1.9.2 -Clearlag -CommandSpy -Essentials (AntiBuild, Chat, Etc..) -GroupManager -MultiVerse -Plugman -WorldGuard -WorldEdit Hope you enjoy it Download...
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