1. KamillPlayZ

    RepairPlus | Skript v1.0.1

  2. birthdates

    Vouch Plugins

    Hello! It's me, so for this entire week I will be doing free plugins for + rep. How do you contact me? Discord. If you need anything else PM me on here or discord @ birthdates#5410 thanks! When you join the discord please read #announcements!
  3. ReduxTM


    Hello! I am in need of assistance setting up my ServerListPlus config. I am trying to get the text centered as seen in the example picture below! So far my config is as stated and is not centering the text! - |- &r &b&lTrident&3&fNetwork &7Visit...
  4. CJCrafter

    Customized Crackshotplus Config

    if you've seen my previous thread, you see my weapon pack: Now, I'm offering customized weapons designed to fit your individual need! Features: - Customized Sounds + When you shoot, reload, hit somebody, hold the weapon, and 'pump' the gun...
  5. CJCrafter

    CrackShot Config (1800+ Lines of code)

    If you recently download CrackShot and/or CrackShotPlus, you are probably overwhelmed. Well here you go: 1800 lines of code worth of guns coded for CrackShotPlus in 1.12.x. If you don't own CrackShotPlus, that's alright! About 1000 lines of the code are compatible with CrackShot. Features: -...
  6. CJCrafter

    ($22 Budget) CrackshotPlus

    CrackShotPlus Gun Configuration Note: 1. I can back out of a deal if you attempt to give me poorly done configuration 2. Transaction will be done via paypal 3. You must prove that you have created such a quality of weapons 4. Crackshot, CrackshotPlus, and crackshotAdditions will be used...
  7. guivi35


    Hi everyone ! I have probleme, when i want buy/sell anything in my shop, i can't !! :( Please help me... (Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException) & ([Server thread/ERROR]: Could not pass event InventoryClickEvent to ShopGUIPlus v1.6.5)
  8. A Y H A M

    SignCommand Plus [Custom] [Execute any command with a sign] v1.2

    Join our Discord for support SignCommand Plus: is a Custom Skript made by Ayham Alali for his server OPG4MERS, And he decided to share it with you :) Why Plus? Well take a look at Features section :) Fully Customization (Messages, Permissions, Cmds) (Soon» all Message). Particles on...
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