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pocket edition

  1. N

    Server PE 1.18.1

    Hi, I'm looking for a 1.18.1 server in Minecraft bedrock PE to play with 8 friends, I need something easy, vanilla and without lagging, maybe one or two plugins.
  2. B

    Minecraft Bedrock Server Setup

    I am looking for a Developer to fully setup my server I’m looking for someone that is experienced with PocketMine not Bukkit/Spigot this is for Minecraft Bedrock not Java.
  3. Grohs Fabian

    Premium Spots in new MC:PE Servers PlayStore App

    Hey guys :) I just finished my first PlayStore App (Android) that basically tracks every MC: PE server that is added to it. What is new / better than the other MC: PE Servers Apps ? Clean design, better user experience Own servers that constantly check the status of the servers in the list...
  4. B

    Mini game maps Pocket Edition EXCUSIVE

    Hi ! I'm looking for mini game maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition : - skywars maps (12 to 18 players maps, smaller distances between islands than for Minecraft PC) - bedwars maps (4 teams x 4 players, smaller distances between islands than for Minecraft PC) - parkour maps - hungergames maps (12...
  5. NerdieBirdie

    Minecraft Marketplace Advertisement (YouTube)

    To all the creators of the official Minecraft Marketplace, Are you looking to get more downloads on your content? YouTube is a great means to do so. People who are interested in buying your content from the Marketplace often search it up on YouTube first to see if it's something they're...
  6. P

    Paid Positions Open for Builders/Terraformers

    Hello, We are a company that is looking to have a 1000x1000 map for minecraft PE (windows 10 edition). Most of the development can be done the same as the PC version, however some manual work is required to adapt it to the PE format. We currently have open positions as follows: Terraformers -...
  7. neag

    MCPE Plugin

    Hi! I have just started an MCPE server and I need a Skyblock core made. My server is Tesseract 1.0.6 and here is a description I can go into more detail in pm's, skype or on discord if you're...
  8. FrogYT

    Beta Testers (Pocket Edition)

    Requesting beta testers for CraftPE if you would like to apply please sign up and apply here You can use Pocket Edition (iOS/Android) and Windows 10 devices! I have been developing this network for about 2 months now, we need players to test out certain things and make sure everything works...
  9. FrogYT

    Server Logo (CraftPE)

    I need a server logo for my website. It must say: CraftPE (one word) Idea for background: Use a smartphone or tablet as the background and have the text (CraftPE) centered on that, I would like for it to pop out of the phone. Budget: $20 It can be digitally hand drawn or made using a program...
  10. danieliazzz

    Minecraft PE servers for only 0.50$ /user slot per month

    Im selling a minecraft pe servers on my servers. Also Accepting PC servers. Only 0.50$/user for every month. Heres a sample server: . Please PM me immediately for reservation. Company Name: Daniel Server Hosting Inc. email addrress: [email protected] website...
  11. FrogYT

    Minecraft Pocket Edition Plugins

    I am looking for devs to develop mcpe plugins for my network. The plugins need to work for PocketMine/ImagicalMine so you must know how to code in php. The plugins we need range from simplistic to advanced. Skype/kik is oklavortex
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