1. ArdaaArslann

    PocketMine Developer

    Hello. I'm coding an plugin for Minecraft PE. Contact me if you also need a plugin. reply to message or contact via discord: ArdaaArslann#8887
  2. MakerbakerYT

    I AM looking For A Pocketmine Php Developer to Help Create a Prison server DictatorZero #1456

  3. P

    Crates, FFA Core, Feast, Kits + Commissions

    I am a PMMP developer and im selling custom made plugins by me for a very cheap price, if you are interested in buying or if you want me to make you a plugin then all you have to do is reply to this thread or message me on discord at Phqzing#1524 so we can talk about the price and other stuff...
  4. AnimL_

    DEVELOP PHP PocketMine-MP Plugins (mcpe) CHEAP !

    Hello everyone ! I'm php developer and I sell cheap PocketMine-MP plugins (mcpe), contact me if you wan't to order.
  5. Kal12

    Premade Setup For Pocketmine (Bedrock)?

    Hi! I’m wondering if anyone offers premade setups/configs for the pocketmine launcher or any other Bedrock software? Willing to pay of course, let me know!
  6. Nickmikael

    Selling - A Minecraft server!!! 2GB FOR 5$

    hey, guys, I'm fairly new so uh I know for a fact that you guys won't trust me that much... but yeah so basically I am selling a Minecraft server My plan is: 2 Gb for 5$ ... first 5 people to buy gets a bonus server 4 Gb for 8.90$ if you guys are interested ... Dm me DeeDoctor#2302 and I...
  7. R

    PMMP Developer Wanted

    Hello i am a leader for the server I play currently we are looking to upgrading and going into a version 2 of our servers note: The Servers are running off of PocketMine we currently have Kitpvp Creative 2 Skyblock servers 2 Prison servers and a Factions server We are looking for experienced...
  8. D

    Pocketmine server

    Looking to buy a pmmp server with established player base. That has a decent spawn build. Discord DogAteMyLunch#4196
  9. B

    Minecraft Bedrock Server Setup

    I am looking for a Developer to fully setup my server I’m looking for someone that is experienced with PocketMine not Bukkit/Spigot this is for Minecraft Bedrock not Java.
  10. S

    Pocketmine dev

    I am currently looking for a pocketmine dev that can help and work on my bedrock server. If you are interested please contact me at: Discord: ScottPlayz#5695 Or Email: [email protected]
  11. Danjoe3


    Hello there, Im Danjoe3, owner of NovaPrime. An MCPE server, that offers some unique features. Its a space themed server :D . We we're wondering if any of the PHP Devs, would lend a hand in providing this plugin mentioned on the title for us. Requirements: * Must be of the latest API. * Must be...
  12. C

    Advertising Server

    Hello everyone, Basically, I need to grow up my server with players, but I need people to advertise. The way that I will pay the one ( yes, because only one will be accepted ) will be by % per months during 1 year. Basically, I will offer you a % depending on how much you can do and I will give...
  13. S

    Free Custom Panel Developement

    I need a free custom game panel made for me. We are a totally free Minecraft Host. Free Forever. It must have the following: •FTP •Online File Manager •Auto Plugin Installer (Built-in) •Easy UI •Supports Spigot and PocketMine •I would want it to work with whmcs or BoxBilling But if not, that's...
  14. FrogYT

    Minecraft Pocket Edition Plugins

    I am looking for devs to develop mcpe plugins for my network. The plugins need to work for PocketMine/ImagicalMine so you must know how to code in php. The plugins we need range from simplistic to advanced. Skype/kik is oklavortex
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