portal hub

  1. K

    Hub Map with 2 Portals v1.0

    A Hub / Lobby / Spawn map with two Portals. The map contains two portals with one being shaped like a sword and the other like a End- styled one. This is the first portal: And this is the second: If there are any questions feel free to join our Discord: https://discord.gg/W2DZyR8vBt
  2. Minelc Builds

    Greek Portal Temple Hub - 400x400 v1.0

    MAP INFORMATION FIle Format ➔ .Schematic SIZE ➔ 400x400 Theme ➔ Greek Version ➔ 1.8+ Npc Area ➔ 5 Portal Area ➔ True Map Type ➔ Spawn High Quality ➔ True © 2022 Minelc Builds. All rights reserved.
  3. Minelc Builds

    Medieval BIg Kings Hub - 200x200 v1.1

    MAP INFORMATION FIle Format ➔ .Schematic & World SIZE ➔ 200x200 Theme ➔ Medieval Version ➔ 1.8+ Npc Area ➔ True Portal Area ➔ True Map Type ➔ Hub High Quality ➔ True © 2022 Minelc Builds. All rights reserved.
  4. Hylarion

    Ceylon - Server Hub v1.0.0

    This is a 142x142 Lobby/Hub for small Servers. The Spawn contains one little Portal and a place for two Crate Chests. It’s a little Island with some Buildings and cool nature. If you want something special you can contact me on Discord! (Discord: Hylarion#6174)
  5. Pabofy

    SPAWN/HUB - Green Palace 200x200 v1.8+

    ~ Spawn / Hub ~ Green Palace Includes ~ x2 Spawn Point ~ x5 NPC Places (can be manage by you) ~ x3 NPC Places ~ x2 Crate ~ Portal ~ Parkour Size 200x200 Schematic Version 1.8 - 1.18 3D View: https://skfb.ly/otMOp DOWNLOAD: You will get folder in .zip with 1 schematic Before loading your...
  6. Pabofy

    LOBBY 250x250 Fungi Mansion v1.8+

    The Fungi Mansion 250x250 Includes: 3D View: https://skfb.ly/o77oY DOWNLOAD: You will get folder in .zip with 1 schematic IMPORTANT!! Before loading your schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 :p
  7. Pabofy

    SPAWN - The Prisma Castle v1.8+

    The Prisma Castle Floating Spawn 171x171 INCLUDES: 3D View: https://skfb.ly/opBZt DOWNLOAD: You will get folder in .zip with 1 schematic IMPORTANT!! Before loading your schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 :)
  8. Rizer Builds

    Greek - Hub/Lobby | 200x200 | 1.8+ [non-exclusive][$4.99]

    Greek Sky - Hub/Lobby Price: $4.99 Images: Info: 200x200 1.8+ Includes Schematic File non-exclusive Does NOT include resell rights. IMPORTANT! Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 because the leaves from trees can fall down Important Links: Discord...
  9. BuildsByNomad

    Japanese Seasonal Server Hub Bundle - 4 600x600 Spawns, for $7.50! [Non-Exclusive]

    Included in the File: 1.8 Versions: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer (World files and Schematics) 1.13+ Versions: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer (World Files) To purchase, DM me on here or on Discord: StaticNomad#2592. Alternatively, Click Here to purchase on the MC-Market Resource Page. This build...
  10. Reit

    [FAST SALES - 35%] Malereic Spawn | Hub 500x450 HQ Building - Level Design [1.8 - 1.16.4] v1.0

  11. JaGv

    ⚜️[Exclusive] SCENIC HUB (450x450) 1.8+ | One Portal, Four NPC Spots | [Resell Rights]⚜️

    Description This is an exclusive hub build I am looking to sell. Surrounded by vibrant trees and vast mountains lies this single portal hub building. Multiple smaller tower structures surround the building along with floating islands throughout the air. Two very simple parkour courses take you...
  12. MCCharity

    4 Portal Forest Cliffs Hub vRELEASE

    Use this hub surrounded by cliffs and forest as the perfect hub for your Minecraft server! Placed over a lake, this hub can work for a variety of gamemodes! 4 Portal Forest Cliffs Hub View our full catalog at https://orbitbuilds.com! Notes: Version: 1.8+ Approximate Size: 150x150 File Type...
  13. MCCharity

    Fantasy 1 Portal Hub vRELEASE

    This forested fantasy hub has large mushrooms and giant flowers. The hills have farms, wheat fields, and a windmill. Fantasy 1 Portal Hub View our full catalog at https://orbitbuilds.com! Notes: Version: 1.8+ Approximate Size: 300x300 File Type: .schematic
  14. aggelosQQ

    High-Quality Responsive Modern Minecraft Portal (25% OFF!) v2.0

    Hello, and thank you for your interest on my resources! Please read the entire description (especially the bottom) before purchasing! Mobile version The aim of this website is to provide Minecraft owners a fully responsive, modern and elegant Minecraft portal without the need to hire a...
  15. robinp7720

    MiniPortal v1.0

    This is an easy to configure php based portal for minecraft severs and personal portfolios. Forum/PM based support is included within the original purchase. Modifications are not included in the original purchase. A price for modifications will be negotiated if required. Using a single config...
  16. Dewster

    SunFall Server hub BIN($5)

    Use this 251 x 251 server hub on your server to attract/impress newcomers to your server. The build was built over the course of a few days and can be used for almost any gamemode! The build is very detailed and will satisfy your server with even a large playerbase. I hope you enjoy!
  17. Christopher

    Cheap - Simple - Portal Page v1.4

    A Cheap and Simple Portal Page with: Font Size Options for Title and Links (change in settings) Optional Box around status Bar with customisable colour (change in settings) Changeable Background Picture (change in settings) Changeable Favicon (change in settings) No Scroll Server Status Bar...
  18. MythicalYT

    80x80 | Circle | Medieval | 4 Portal Hub

    SOLD Hello! My name is Mythical, Today I am listing a build that I tried to make as a fun task as I have never built something (Besides a mine) in a circle shape. This is an exclusive build only 1 copy will be sold! Build Proof Of Build Price This price is the appraisal of many...
  19. Brendannn

    100x100 HQ 4-Portal Hub

    100x100 Hub Hello McM! I recently made this hub as a spawn for Skyblock, however it turned out to be too big for a skyblock spawn for me :). This 4-portal hub includes trees, signs, a beautiful spawnpoint, and hills around the sides. Pictures & Proof: BIDDING START: $2 BIDDING INCREMENT: $1...
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