1. PixelMine

    Fruit Rank Icons v1.1

    6 high quality rank icons your server shop.
  2. P

    High Quality Server Trailers | Starting at $2 | Cheap + Reliable |

    I will do high-quality server trailers for anyone Starting at $2: $2 = Server Trailer + Music $20 = Server Trailer + High quality Textures + Music If you want to buy one msg me on discord: puppy#1715! Thanks !
  3. R

    Hot Potato | MULTI-ARENAS [100% Configurable] [Bungee-Compatible] | 1.8 - 1.12 | 50% DISCOUNT v1.4

    HotPotato is a minigame where someone gets picked to be the potato, and must pass the potato to another player, otherwise it will explode in a few seconds. This resource is 100% configurable right now, and it is gonna stay that way. Features: Unlimited arenas! Option for Bungee mode! Map...
  4. Deathstreams

    Making smaller plugins for vouches/reputation!

    Hi guys! Today i planned that I'm going to start grinding some vouches by doing some smaller plugins, so feel free to hit me up! Requests should be done in private messages, and preferably in the following format: Plugin name: Potato When would you like it to be done: Now Description: I want...
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