practice core

  1. Daaz

    Rocket | Practice Core v0.1-SNAPSHOT

    📖 Features ↴ Arena System Queue System Kit System HCF Fights System Party System Spectate Match Animated Scoreboard Customizable Tablist Per State Nametags Leaderboards Queue Ping Range Events Command Block During match Kill Effects Per-Kit Knockback (CarbonSpigot, VortexSpigot, FoxSpigot)...
  2. Cold Services

    ❄️ Cold Practice | BEST PRACTICE CORE | 20 Events | 8+ Party Events | 60+ Pre-made kits | 10+ Kit Types ❄️

    FULL FEATURE LIST TESTING To test it on a public server using this core, join To test it on a private test server, where almost all features are solely from this plugin: CONTACT (Preferred) Support discord: Discord - Nickk#1000...
  3. Habas

    Looking for a good Practice plugin

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a good and quality Practice plugin. Can you please recommend me some plugins?
  4. YQNNIS.

    Practice Server

    Hello, I am looking for a developer that is able to code a very well optimised spigot (async hits, kb, , configurable pots, pearls etc), and a practice plugin. Please add yqnnis#4373 on discord for more information Thank you, Yannis
  5. Dogsbean

    Custom Practice Core

    How much will it cost to get a custom practice core with src with this features? Ranked/unranked Party fights with ffa and teamfight Event & tournament Kit editor Leaderboard Settings (tpm tgc) Multiarena Just wondering
  6. Syrm

    3,000 YouTube Advertisements!

    Hello MC-Market! I am offering to do paid commissioned streams/videos for servers! I will not be recording on FACTIONS or KITPVP servers. I like to record on Practice and HCF and can record on Skyblock or stream it. Here's my prices! Video = $10-15 Stream = $10-15 Trailer = $10-15 These...
  7. S

    Custom Practice Setup

    Hello EveryOne im selling custom practice setup i can setup maps and litebans messages and more if you want propractice or strikepractice setup i can setup it with custom config and messages ___________________________________________________________________________ Features:_ 1_ Custom Maps...
  8. Elb1to

    FrozedSumo [Open Source] - Queues Stats Best Of 1 & 3 v2.7

    Description: FrozedSumo is basically a Practice plugin, but only for Sumo! What does this mean? This means that this plugin can be used to play 1v1 Sumo matches in Bo1 (Best of 1) and Bo3 (Best of 3) formats at the moment. More stuff will be added in the future. Requirements: Java 8 UNIX Based...
  9. joejerino


  10. ItzIndyNL

    Practice Plugin

    hey everyone we are and we are really looking for an urgent practice core that can run nspigot. we already have strikepractice (purchased) that does not work that well. and our budget has not been that high lately. I have already paid a lot of things to the server if someone could help...
  11. AngryMystic69

    Selling my IntelliJ IDEA workspace [14 HQ Plugins]

    Hello MCM, bcz i left the minecraft community i decided to sell my IntelliJ workspace, another reason why im selling my projects is: I don't want these projects to go to waste bcz i invested a lof of effor in these plugins. I zipped the workspace with projects before i reinstalled system on my...
  12. N

    ✅ | PvPTemple's Complete Network Setup.

    PvPTemple's Complete Network Setup! Including Hub Core, Practice Core, Practice addons, Custom Spigot (Including knockback settings!) Everything. KEEP IN MIND IT ALL REQUIRES DATABASES (REDIS MONGO AND MYSQL) YOU WILL NEED DATABASES FOR IT TO WORK. As I do not have databases I can not load the...
  13. Geologist

    Clean Practice Core bug-free

    Zonix Fork ( Owner's Geologist, Jentttyyy) *********************************************************************** *** PLEASE DON'T ASSUME THE PRACTICE CORE KEEP IT TO YOURSELF *** *************** PLEASE DON'T TRASH THE THREAD *************** **************** CONTACT VIA MCMARKET PROFILE...
  14. N

    Practice Setups. PM With Your Needs!

    Hi, Im Nike. (aka Misfortune.) I am currently the owner or Flow Network (Australian PvP Network.) Im looking to make a little extra cash on the side as im a little bit low on money at the moment! I will be making practice setups for you of your requirements. I will be using either StrikePractice...
  15. N

    Practice Core SRC

    Custom Practice Core (WITH SRC) Drop offers below. Events System (Sumo, LMS ETC) Can come pre-setup with queues etc Lots more, Will show more indepth if required. discord - nike.#0001 Code Snippets: SB - $40 (exclusive - $70)
  16. N


    Looking for a custom practice server with all plugins (prefer it to have no playerbase/not released yet.) Must come with Custom Practice Core. Custom Builds. Configurable (nothing without configs) With or without a server discord, dont mind. Msg me on disc - nike.#1276 or pm or comment on here :)
  17. B

    zPvP Core ($5 Christmas Sale!): PracticePvP | Queuing | Scoreboard | Parties | FFA | MySQL | More

    Happy Holidays! In light of Christmas, I figured that it’d be nice to slash our prices by over 50%! For the next 48 hours, zPvP is available for $5 :) ZincPvP (zPvP, rebranded from xPvP) was the PracticePvP core for the former MCVerge Network. Though our network...
  18. ElFly


    Introduction: Hello, my name is ElFly, i am a youtuber with 14,800 subscribers looking to release my own server for a while now. Ive been working on a practice pvp server named Legit Network for the past 11 months and am looking to recruit a new developer to the team to finally finish this...
  19. W

    Open-Source Practice Plugin

    Hey mcmarket! I want to ask something! Can someone tell me what is the best open-source practice plugin! I wanna just to rework it.. I will fix some bugs and add some features just i need 1 stable open source practice plugin!
  20. Rectify

    Evolved Practice [Should i make]

    This is a project i would like to dedicate my free time for as it could really help me code even better This would be a new fashioned practice plugin with stuff like - infinate arenas uses at the same time - In game and lobby tab - fully customizable scoreboard - Tournument 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4...
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