practice map

  1. Lossting

    Hypixel Bed Wars Remake Setup | EN/ES | v1.0

    Bed Wars Setup Competitive mode of a battle in the sky, with different types of modes, solo, doubles, 3v3v3v3 & 4v4v4v4. Inspired by the popular server called Hypixel, adding most of the features that make it different. SERVER IP: OFFLINE +4 Different Maps (Castles, Desert, Medieval &...
  2. Dogsbean

    4x Arenas for PvP Practice Server v1.0

    4x Arenas for PvP Practice Server! This resource includes 4 Themed Arenas. Spring, Desert, Winter, and Ender. Once you purchase you will recieve 4 Arenas.
  3. Harry_

    Jungle Practice Arena v1.7-latest

    Jungle arena - Very high quality - 200x200
  4. PremadeSetups

    10 Premium Practice PvP arenas v1.1

    #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 Support is only given at our discord!
  5. ArshQuick

    [FREE] PRACTICE MAP "Guns" v1.0

    Free Practice Map called "Guns". Make sure to leave a review and follow, helps me a lot <3 Enjoy!
  6. ArshQuick

    [FREE] Sumo Classic Event Arena v1.0

    I made a free sumo classic event map for you guys. Make sure to leave a review and follow for future builds. I'm going to start posting a lot more often. Enjoy! Includes Platform Waiting Area
  7. ArshQuick

    Classic Practice Map v2019-01-09

    A classic practice map. If you download it, it's a schematic. You need world edit to spawn in the map. Enjoy! PREVIEW:
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