1. Syvw

    Practice Setup | Eden Core | Smooth KB | 0

    ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ⚔️ Practice Premade | Eden Core I present to you Eden Premade, a premade with very good performance...
  2. Relqhx

    Klima Practice Core v0.1-SNAPSHOT

    📖 General ↴ ➺ Custom Save Method (MongoDB/FlatFile) ➺ Messages Configurable ➺ Animated Scoreboard ➺ Abilities Items & Partner Item Cooldown ➺ Custom Tablist (Header, Footer) ➺ HCF Classes System ➺ Party System And More.. 📖 Style ↴ ➺ Custom Scoreboard Style ➺ Custom Tablist Style ➺ Custom...
  3. MCCharity

    Jungle Ruins KOTH v1.0

    Jungle Ruins KOTH Cost: 3.75 Non-Exclusive View our full catalog at! Notes: Version: 1.20+ Approximate Size: 100x100 File Type: .schematic
  4. Vextrosity

    15 Duel PvP Arenas | Pack v1.0

    Includes • Aquatic Theme • Arcade Theme • Desert Theme • Farmland Theme • Forest Theme •Graveyard Theme • Lost Ruins Theme • Magic Theme • Mesa Theme • Mine Theme • Moai Theme • Mushroom Theme • Mythic Theme • Snow Theme • Tropical Ruins Theme Supported Versions • 1.19 & Higher ZIP Contents •...

    TrainVW v1.0

    Plugin Name: TrainVW Version: 1.0 Author: Verwechselbarer Description: TrainVW is a custom Bukkit/Spigot plugin that allows players to summon and fight training zombies to improve their combat skills. Players can open a GUI and use a special egg to summon a training zombie. The zombie will...
  6. M


  7. M


    nonutnuvoemrber yes
  8. 24

    10 Fireball Fight Arena Duel Maps v1.8+

    Details: Amount of maps: 10, Which is more than enough for a practice server! Interiors: No, as that would affect the PvP quality of the map. Size: 219 Blocks in length. Built by a Builder. Map names (In order): Bottom: Frostbite, Siege, Magma, Beach, Underwater Top: Sakura...
  9. tdvne

    [TAKING OFFERS/SELLING] Esta Network | 1.7-1.8 Practice | $10,000+ In Sales | Stable Playerbase | Untapped Potential

    Hey everyone, I'm taking offers from serious buyers who are either reputable or don't have a damaged reputation in the 1.8 practice community. The reason I am making this thread post and taking offers is because I've been extremely disinterested in Minecraft for the past year and a half, and...
  10. Prestance

    6 Arenas - Duels PvP v1

    QUICK SUPPORT : REPORT BUGS VIA DISCORD BEFORE POSTING BAD REVIEWS. Version: 1.8 File: .schematic / world You can not resell my product. You can not claim my product as your own. You can not share this product.
  11. pikz

    Practice Setup CrystalPVP 0

  12. antoniova

    3 Fireball Fights Arenas | Pack N3 v1.0

    Want to test these maps before you buy? Join us at Info: I bring you 3 new arenas, compared to the previous packs in these new ones the middle islands have been modified and a little distance between the islands has been added (to add a little difficulty :p) Description: »...
  13. pikz

    Medieval Fort Lobby v1.0

    SUPPORT DISCORD: 🤔what does it include 6 npc places 1.19.0 - 1.20.4 100 x 100 Practice Spawn 👌 Lobby / hub 👌 SMP server 👌
  14. PanttherBuilds


    BUY : 5 Practice Arenas Size : 64X120 Npc :0 Crates :0 Quality Amazing View Version Block : 1.8 + - 1.20+ Download File: Schematic 1- FotBall Arena 2 - Laguna Arena 3 -Aqualtic Arena 4 - Tiki Arena 5- Forest Arena Discord ...
  15. Prestance

    Prestance Duels | Practice Premade v1.02

    PRESTANCE DUELS/PRACTICE V1 Prestance SETUP use PAPER-1.19.4 as the NATIVE version. Supported client versions are from 1.16.5 to 1.20.4. To run the setup you will need a MySQL Database - Check the dependencies for more information. This setup use the plugin strikepractice (premium) to...
  16. MCCharity

    Desert Mesa Mine KOTH v1.0

    Desert Mesa Mine KOTH Cost: 3.75 Non-Exclusive View our full catalog at! Notes: Version: 1.20+ Approximate Size: 100x100 File Type: .schematic
  17. Pabofy

    10 PvP Arenas Pack v1.0

    » 10 PvP Arenas « ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Information Size 113x113 Version 1.7+ Download .zip with a schematic ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Themes I Savanna II Nether III Icy IV Beach V Western VI Fungi VII Desert VIII Aftermath IX End X Forest ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Screenshots: DOWNLOAD: You will get folder...
  18. pikz

    ModernKits - Keep your kit room virtual v.1.0.1

  19. SM221

    Selling Carte Network Practice & Soup (Source codes)

    Dear Minecraft Enthusiasts, Exciting prospects await for the visionary ready to seize control of our Practice/Soup 1.8 server, brimming with potential and distinctive features. Personal commitments have led me to take a step back, yet I'm elated at the prospect of passing the torch to someone...
  20. tk74612


    Hello BBB Today I'm selling my old network this comes with a network core (fully custom) and is ported to 1.8 A practice core ported to 1.8 A hcf core (hcteams) was updated and ported to 1.8 a Staff core updated and ported to 1.8 Hubcore (custom and 1.8) and much more, I will...
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