prefix plugin

  1. NimoEkisde

    nPrefixes v2.1

    Discord Support: Editable ↴ • All categories Names (Files) • All categories Item (Files) • All categories Item ID (Files) • All categories Lore (Files) • Vouchers (Files) • Create Prefixes (In-Game and Files) • Delete Prefixes (In-Game and Files) • Edit Prefixes...
  2. BreadBuilds

    Better Prefixes - ItemsAdder/Oraxen v1.2

    Available ranks (36 in total): Owner Admin Operator Staff Senior Mod Mod+ Mod Helper+ Helper Player Muted Dev AFK Emperor Jr. Dev Manager Master Platinum Sr. Admin Sr. Dev Sr. Mod Streamer Supreme Youtuber and much more.. Build and skins are not included with purchase, they serve only for...
  3. sores

    [Free] ChatCosmetics (1.7-1.8) | Open Source

    Intro: ChatCosmetics is a plugin that allows players to equip custom prefixes and chatcolors. This plugin uses MongoDB for it's data storage, I don't plan on adding any other form of storage. Mainly did this project to put on my github, but I've seen this type of plugin requested here and there...
  4. DirectPlan

    Chat Tags | Tags | MySQL, MongoDB Support | Admin Commands | Tags GUI | More v1.0

    ✾ Chat Tags | Tags | MySQL, MongoDB Support | Admin Commands | Tags GUI ✾ What are tags ? Tags are short exclusive catchy phares, that are added before or after (suffix/prefix) your name in chat. These let your players customize their look in-chat and be distinguishable from other players in...
  5. Cian

    HCFactions 23 Prefixes | Custom Commands (/yt /famous /ts /perks) | Potion Commands | FREE v1.0

    20% LIMITED TIME SALE ON ALL MY PRODUCTS! BE SURE TO CHECK THEM OUT!! HCFactions ⭐️ CrazyEnchantments Config | 10 Rank - 13 Class - 2 Seasonal Kits | Custom Enchants HCFactions ⭐️ CrateReloaded Config | 16 Crates | Monthly Crate Config | Hologram &...
  6. Harry

    DesirePrefix - Custom Command Prefixes [Free] [v1]

    Information: This plugin allows you to set a custom prefix in-game to trigger any command, similar to how a lot of Discord bots allow you to set the command prefix. e.g. Instead of running '/help' in-game, you could use '!help' if the prefix '!' is set, but you can also set multiple prefixes at...
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