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  1. Minelc Builds

    Medieval Jungle Spawn - 400x400 v1.0

    MAP INFORMATION FIle Format ➔ .Schematic SIZE ➔ 350x350 Theme ➔ DarkTemple Version ➔ 1.8+ Npc Area ➔ 5 Portal Area ➔ True Map Type ➔ Spawn High Quality ➔ True © 2022 Minelc Builds. All rights reserved.
  2. DevRoom Services

    ⭐HQ Exclusive Builds + Free Resell Rights FOR FREE⭐

    High-quality EXCLUSIVE builds for prices you expect at DevRoom! Join our discord: and head over to the #⭐minecraft-builds channel to buy one of the 12+ exclusive builds! ❗Resell rights are offered for FREE!❗ Some of the exclusive builds currently available for sale:
  3. TeaEl

    ⚔️ ⚔️ Affordable High Quality Builds ⚔️100+ Builds!

  4. TheFlamerNation

    Custom Server/Plugin Configurations

    We offer many things such as Custom Server Setups, Custom Configurations, Premade Server Setups, And Custom Things To Your Discretion. We are dedicated to making every experience with us the best possible. We maintain professionalism while still being able to be friendly and understanding, our...
  5. oDoc

    Premium Exclusive Spawns, Hubs 'n' Warzones!

    [Intro] Hello! I am oDoc, a marketer in selling builds! ^_^ I'm pretty new to MCM but I am looking forward to working with you! :P [Products] I have many builds to sell, such as Spawns, Warzones and Hubs. There are some pictures of available builds below: ======================Built by...
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