premade spawn

  1. MCBuilds Team

    Medival spawn | Exclusive

    This is an exclusive medical spawn for £50 if you are interested contact me at Bri1iant#7674 on discord / start a message on here thanks. Mcbuilds team.
  2. X

    Minecraft Spawn (Skyblock)

    Hello today im selling a skyblock spawn server for $2 (PRICE CAN BE NEGOTIATED. It is all custom made, you wont find this ANYWHERE. Discord Pacman#1408
  3. Diz

    Exclusive Plot Spawn

    Need this build sold ASAP only going to have it up for a few days so if you big be ready at any point to pay for it. Bidding will last at the most until 6/9/18 but like I said I need this gone ASAP so when I see an offer I like I will take it and you will be required to pay per MCM rules...
  4. Erenz

    PIRATE HUB ‍☠️ 111x111 ★ SERVER HUB ★ $1.50

    INFORMATION Size: 111x111 Genre: Hub Price: $1.50 Format: Schematic File ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ PURCHASE IT HERE: ______________________________________________...
  5. ClockPvP

    Spawn - 4$

    hello mc-market selling this very small skyblock spawn (exclusive) What you'll get 1x Schematic File Resell Rights BIN - 5$ Starting Bid - 1$ Current Offer - 1$ Lewis D bidding u want <3 screensh0ts :p Kappa Regards, - Jack
  6. ClockPvP

    Island Hub • Exclusive • BIN - 15$

    Hello Everyone, Today I am selling this small Island Hub/Lobby. This build is exclusive meaning that there will only be 1 buyer. Before buying please read over my T.O.S Bidding Info No Starting Bid, just BIN sorry. BIN » 15$ Screenshots » Proof of Building ClockPvP » Terms of...
  7. jetset786

    [HQ] Factions Spawn | 2.0 | BIN - 25$

    Quick Selling this spawn. s/b - 10$ Bin - 25$ screenshots - Proof of Building - Need anything else? Comment below!
  8. jetset786

    [HQ] Small Exclusive Factions Spawn

    Hello there everyone, I have just stared getting into building about 3 months ago, so I am starting off with some small builds. BUILD COMES IN A .SCHEMATIC FILE, UNLESS ASKED OTHERWISE. Build Info Size - 37x37 Type - Small Factions Spawn Time spent - 4 days Bidding/Buying Info Starting Bid -...
  9. ElementalMC

    Exclusive Survival Spawn ♦ ElementalMC

    Ok, I am selling this spawn that I built a while back, it's exclusive meaning only 1 buyer. The buyer gains resell rights. Starting Bid - 5$ BIN - 20$ Screenshots: Proof of building: Any questions? PM Me!
  10. ElementalMC

    Floating Hub ☀ Cheap ☀ Professional ☀ Exclusive! ☀ BIN - 25$

    Hello there MC-Market, I am offering this very small floating hub today, it can also be used as a skyblock spawn maybe, and this build is Exclusive! Starting Bid - 10$ BIN - 25$ Proof of Building: Going to releasing a lot of my Exclusive Builds today, so I hope you guys like all...
  11. T

    Castle Themed Hub + Lobby

    This is a build great for a lobby / hub, for a server that uses bungee and has multiple gamemodes! Info S/b - 8$ BIN - 30$ Appraisal - Interested in buying? P.M Us - TheBuildStore Exclusive Screenshots Happy Holidays!, TheBuildStore |...
  12. F

    Premade factions spawn with warzone!

    Hello, today I come with a factions spawn to sell. This is not on behalf of MCBuilds. This build is a spawn I used for my server but I got a new one done so I no longer have a use for this one. The build looks very nice in game and it's overall just a quality spawn along with a little warzone...
  13. Nht


    Hey ! I want to sell my HCF server's spawn which is 4kx4k in circle and 2kx2k per roads , I never opened the server with these builds so yeah its full fresh ! The map come with our main world which is with : Spawn , BIOME-ROADS and some KOTH ! There will be another world which was used to be...
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