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premium plugins

  1. Klickk

    HadesMC Server | Custom Plugins | Donations

    Hello I am selling my server due to personal reasons that have came up that I have to prepare for. I really dont know what to sell for so I am just going to accept the highest bidder. Discord: 69 Users Players: 334 (Tracked by LuckPerms) CraftingStore Stats: Since 7/08/2020 $1,500 (I can...
  2. Refraid

    Frex MC | A never released skyblock, factions and kitpvp server | 1.8 - 1.12 | custom plugins | 20$

    I recently created a server called Frex MC and never got the opportunity to release it... I am know planning to sell the server for 20$< for whoever wants to buy it. The server was a 1.8 to 1.12 factions, skyblock and kitpvp server with some awesome custom made plugins! message me for whoever...
  3. swagteam123

    Server development (Factions - Survival)

    Server Development Hey, Basically i'm willing to develop cheap factions or survival servers. I can offer premium plugins for each gamemode. I have tons of experience and would like to work on some new servers. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me on discord and I can...
  4. D

    Pre-Made OP Prison Set-Up » Not Edited since last ownership « 15$

  5. Jettoliver

    CMDExecute [Bind Commands to Items]

    Plugin Rundown CommandExecute is a unique plugin which allows players with the permission commandexecute.use to bind and link commands to any in game item. The items can then be set with an amount of uses. After the set amount of uses runs out, the item gets destroyed never to be seen again! And...
  6. J

    LinearCraft *Premium Plugins Worth Over $50*Easily Edited And Changed*

    Selling Factions Server With: ActionBarAPI AdminShop AuctionHouse BuycraftX ClearLag CommandSigns CratesPlus Directory EnderpearlDisable EpicWorldGenerator Essentials EssentialsXMPP Factions - uuid HolographicDisplays Multiverse-Core ObsidianBreaker PermissionsEx PlayerVaults PlugMan...
  7. G

    Delete please

    Delete please
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