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  1. Y

    A experienced Manager for Minecraft Servers!!

    Hello, Hi I'm Cooper I am a member of many Minecraft servers, Although have been a manager in many more. I have lost of experience as a manager, see below with the servers i have worked for!! - Cheese MC, I was a manager on Cheese for roughly a year before it closed as the owner lost...
  2. Exploding_tnt1

    Phase Network - The Best Prison Experience

    Phase Network Your favourite Minecraft prisons features all packed into one awesome experience Our Prisons Features: - Custom Coded Bosses - Gangs - AutoMiners - Crate Keys / Monthly Crates - Unique Cells - Epic pickaxe and gear enchants And many, many more custom features! Release date: To...
  3. Soundslikefun

    Help for a resource!

    Hello Mc Market fellows people human thingys! I am making a complete remake of PvPWars Prisons, if you have not heard/seen PvPWars prisons gamemode, videos of it will be linked below! So anyways I am making a complete remake of it (Besides Builds.) and posting it on Mc Market! I already have...
  4. Holsss

    Affordable Advertisement Managers

    Hello, My names Hollwy, I am one of the Owners for a server Named ArcusMC. We are currently a Skyblock server looking to expand into a Network. We are looking for some Advertisement managers to help grow our community by helping us find the best deals with YouTubers, Streamers etc.# Our server...
  5. Holsss

    An Affordable Build Team

    Hello My name is Hollwy. I am an Owner of a Skyblock server named ArcusMC. We are currently in Season 3 of Arcus and are now proceeding to work on Season 4. We are expanding into a network Now and Need a few builds done professionally. **What needs Building (For now)** - Skyblock Spawn -...
  6. DrqzArch

    | Prison Mine | Dark Mushrooms | High Quality | 1.8+

    --------------------------------------- x1 Prison Mine Cost: £5.49 License - Not Exclusive --------------------------------------- Telegram: @DrqzArch - Discord: DrezKid#6210 - Write me at my E-Mail: [email protected] - My Portfolio:
  7. FactionsCommunity

    6 Angel Mines

    Angel Mines [Exclusive] 6 medium 150x150 high quality mines with 75x75x50 mine - Mine I stone theme, angel bound to chains - Mine II mud theme - Mine III nature theme, including river, animals and flowers - Mine IV hell theme, a satan build - Mine V genie theme - Mine VI space theme By...
  8. J

    Looking for host and owner for upcoming minecraft server

    Introduction about my self Hello, I am minecraft plugin developer who has been in the field for 1-2 years, looking to start my own server what will the server have? the server will only start with skyblock, and then possible branch out to two other different gamemodes (prisons and something...
  9. Javva


    I'm looking to buy a Prison or Faction server already set up with a 5-10 (or more) playerbase. Please PM me if you have an offer! Or if you have any server for sale that's not Prison or Factions, still PM me! Have a nice day/night :)
  10. Frostiix

    Prison Mine [1$ per copy] 40x40

    A small update. Now 2 mines!!! Those small mines are 40x40, and only 1$ USD each!!!! The payments are only on PayPal, and they're sold by copies! :) Need any other information, feel free to ask. Also the mines can be send as a whole map, or as a schematic. Whatever works better for YOU...
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