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prison hub with 4 mines

  1. S

    Prison server building (plugins not inclueded just 1 costume crafting)

    Features: - hard gameplay, server ready bulding - guard system - 4 levels with different locations - bank, shop, 4 tree farms, 4 basic mines, funny mines - 5+ easy-medium-hard parkour - donate system - internal-external set up - underground tunnel system, every cell connected to it - black...
  2. FusionX

    Prison Spawn + 4 Mines!! 2 Dollars!!!

    Today i am selling my custom built prison spawn it has 4 mines included with it. You can tour my build on my server. (I use it to build on) If you want the IP skype msg me and ill send it to you. This build will be $2 Paypal. If you have anymore questions you may ask me over skype. Skype...
  3. Government

    Detailed Prison Spawn (Including 4 Starting Mines)

    I'm selling a prison spawn that was made by me for my RyansAce's network CagedUp. He didn't like how the build turned out so I restarted and made a new one. We don't want to delete this spawn so I figured I'd sell it for a little bit of money. This is the second post (original=RyansAce) but he...
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