prison plugin

  1. wNaha

    Magic Woodcutter - PVP Faction, Prison v1.0

    🪓 MAGIC WOODCUTTER 🪓 Magic WoodCutter - Tree Destroyers & Upgrade Management 1.0.1 (1.13.x to 1.19.x) Include upgrade management system to increase the power of your Magic WoodCutter! Magic Woodcutter is a plugin that give you a axe with specific effect. You will be enable to upgrade your axe...
  2. Rhar

    [ON HOLD] Tools Leveling (+) Token Enchant Plugins

    ON HOLD - ON DISCUSSION WITH SOME DEVS I have some questions before hiring your service in the future! (you can answer this in private (dm / chat me in this site!) 1. do u think u're interested to make this plugin? 2. what's the price range for non exclusive, semi exclusive (only limited...
  3. Bambaki

    Custom Prison Plugin

    Hi. As my server is now expanding, and i can't put more work on my devs. I need a fully custom prison plugin. With this, i will need the full ownership of it aswell as the source code. (can be interested in buying pre setup or closed projects.) Demand is that it has been tested closely for...
  4. B

    Custom prison plugin for $30 and some other custom plugins.$70 in total

    basically the title.DM me ur interested