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pro building team

  1. K

    Hello, I'm selling these parkour maps

    Hello, I'm selling these parkour maps, $ 20, or if you want to negotiate a new price discord: Kodaz313#3096
  2. Formats

    Oblivion ∥ Cheap Builds at the Quality you Deserve ♛

  3. L

    Professional Building/Terraforming Service

    NEED A BUILD FOR YOUR SERVER? IM THE RIGHT PERSON I have -5 years of experience -worked with a few different servers -the ability to work with a timeframe and or deadline Discord: Lance#8496 Twitter: XxSlotherxX
  4. William Barron

    Vipera Studios Build Team

    Hello, I am a sales representative for a company called Vipera Studios. We have a professional build team that can build almost anything you would desire. We also have a great plugin support and configuration team, and a web developing team. We charge based on how much work the build or project...
  5. K

    CynicalPvP Faction Server | Selling Taking Offers

    Hello MCM, today i am selling a faction server! The faction server is extremely good consisting of many plugins, and custom plugins, we have a custom made spawn made by myself. we have custom crates, and lots more, please feel free to message me on skype or on here for more details, if you want...
  6. BlackPeak

    HALF PRICE! 500x500 (Survival map or Server Spawn) (149 DIAMONDS ON PMC)

    Reactions and comments are a great help to us so please let us know us your opinion! The Map is currently for sale at $300 USD and was made for a previous buyer of a large server as a valued map of $600 so it had been reduced to half price for a quick sale. This is perfect for anyone interested...
  7. PixelVolt

    || Volcano of Arts || [PAID] - [Fast] - [High Quality] - We can build anything

    Volcano of Arts -------------------------------------------------------- Hello, We are pro build team, We can build anything you want. Our Team consists of 4 members : 3 builders and 1 command blocker I Promise we will make the most amazing build for you Note : the price will be divide...
  8. PixelVolt

    || Volcano of Arts || [PAID] - [Fast] - [High Quality] - We can build anything

    Volcano of Arts -------------------------------------------------------- Hello, We are (Pro) build team, We can make anything for your server 4 Members, 3 builders and 1 redstoner (Spawn, Lobby, Maps for games, Arenas, etc......) So if you want anything contact us...
  9. Heppy09

    Any Plugin Configuration!

    I Will Configure Any Plugin For $5 It Could Be A Lower Price, But Paypal has a minimum on how much you can transfer at one time. At the moment it is $5 Sorry About that. What im offering to do. I Am Very Good at crate configuration and I Know what i am doing with most plugins. I Currently own...
  10. DarkDesigner

    Building Team, website designer & more [Vouch Copies]

    Buildings Images can be found here [Imgur]: I'm also giving out 2 vouch copies of the building service
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