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  1. Knowles Builds

    Jade Palace Mega Hub 🐉REMOVED

  2. BuiltByDion

    ◄ MERAKI IS BACK! ► High Quality Builds & Development | 100% Satisfaction rate ►

  3. Y

    Looking for Server Minigame Map builder

    Hey, I'm looking for a Builder to be a part of my coding team. I am a content creator called Youn and I host Monthly events which are like Minecraft championships.. I am looking for someone to be able to Build 8-12 Minigames (per month), Will pay! dm me for prices: Youn#2946
  4. GaudyHazzaYT

    Premium Minecraft Server Setup Specialists

    Hello fellow server owner, Pezz and I are successful bungeecord minecraft server owners. We are looking to expand our brand and branch out to becoming server setup specialists. We offer anything to cover your needs for CHEAP! Feel free to DM either Pezz or Myself on discord for any inquiries...
  5. SkepsiBuilds

    6 PVP MAPS PACK 1.8+ 3€

    ---------------------- Single map: 117x131 - Whole pack: 375x281 ---------------------- Themes 01 - Urban City 02 - Oasis 03 - Giant Forest 04 - Giant Mushrooms 05 - Winter Lake House 06 - Pixel Art ---------------------- If needed, there are already barrier walls* ----------------------...
  6. Zelenik

    New thread >
  7. zPoseta

    PrisonOP Server SOLD!!

    Hello everyone !, this is my first server that I put on sale, so I have put a lot of time and dedication to this server Prison, I hope you like all of you. NOTE: The server is in the Spanish language, sorry for my English. Content 26 mines (from the Prisoner to the convict + the wood mine)...
  8. IceWalker

    SnowByte - Forming Professional Build Team - Paid Jobs

    SnowByte Fire & Ice Build Team Hey there! We here at SnowByte are looking to open up our own high quality and professional build team. We have some very ambitious and vigorous plans for this build team! We are recruiting players with skills proficient in at-least one of the following...
  9. RevivedPvP

    NEW [Professional] Customized Faction Server

    Thread Closed.
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