profile cover

  1. Nikoru

    (PFPS, BANNERS, etc) ✨Art commissions $2-17✨

    Nikoru's Art Shop Hello, my name is Nikoru! I'm a freelance artist from East Asia. I do commissions for profile pictures, character banners, or art you require that has a character. If my style isn't to your liking, I can adapt to a style you show me. I'll try my best but there's no guarantee...
  2. Listen

    Minecraft Graphic Designer

  3. rissendanger

    Good quality Logos cheap and customizable

    message me and i can create a logo similar to this one for £1
  4. InfraredPanda

    InfraredPanda's Graphics

  5. TheRichPlaysG

    RICH's shop for thumbnails ,, profile pictures ETC

    Hey there if you need some artwork you came to the right place! Here I will be selling banners , profile pictures and thumbnails. I only accept PayPal. If you need to contact me Dm me on twitter TheRichPlaysG or add me on skype live:blueguin02 . Here are the prices : Thumbnails : 1-3$...
  6. Croc

    Remove overlay on top of profile cover

    So today I noticed the profile covers were added back, but they are a little different. This time when you add them, it removes your profile pic from above the post ratings module and overlays it on top of the banner. I don't like this at all and it looks weird not having it in the upper left...
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