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  1. Drewman1k

    Looking for Staff Members (GTA/CityRP)

    Hello, are you searching for low stress staff work? NovaCityMC is looking for new volunteer staff members to join our friendly non-toxic community. NovaCityMC is a City themed Minecraft server currently in Beta. We offer players never seen before mini games, a massive map, and custom plugins...
  2. Jamo

    Promotional/Copywriter needed.

    Hello MCM! I'm currently looking for a copywriter to go over the content of our client case studies and spruce them up a little bit, make them sound professional and impose an...
  3. LukeX29

    Cheap prices for Trailers/Episodes... 3k Subs!

    Hello,I currently have 3k subscribers. Channel - PayPal: (If you want, you can donate me. Each donation is helpful. Thanks!) Prices: Trailer (Reupload ) - $4 Video - $4 Stream (1h)- $7 Contact me: Discord: Luke#5785
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