1. P


    Hello, selling purgepots.net domain, can provide proof of ownership on request, please contact me. Price is not fixed im taking offers. Base price is $50 anything higher will be taken into consideration. Thanks.
  2. Half

    Staff Vacancies at Purge Pots

    After long down time, PurgePots is finally relaunching with SOTW on Saturday. We are looking for people with a lot of experience. We currently have a lot of space in the lower ranks and are looking for Senior Mods, Mods and Trial Mods. Our server usually gets around 500 player at SOTW and we are...
  3. Half

    cancelled auction

  4. Saerzo

    HCF Core

    Hey, so today i'm selling my Hardcore Faction Core plugin named HCFCore.jar. » Features: -Scoreboard Combat Tag Enderpearl Cooldown PVP Timer KOTH Support [SubSide KOTH] F Home Timer F Stuck Timer Logout Timer - Classes Archer (w/ Archer Tag) Miner Bard - Custom Events Conquest Destroy...
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