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pvp practice

  1. ElFly


    Basically im working on a practice server and we have most of the stuff down but we have some things left that have not been finished yet. currently we only have 1 developer and he cant do everything by himself thats why im looking for more people to help out. I will be paying per finished "pack...
  2. Galaxy Skill


    Hi, my name is Galaxy, and I'm selling PvPCoin, a PvP Practice server that took our dedicated developers and staff months to make and thousands of dollars. The reason I am selling this server for such a low price is because it's been years and I've lost the motivation to try and revive it once...
  3. Galaxy Skill

    Fully set up Custom PvP Practice Server | PvPCoin | Test server included

    This server took all of our dedicated staff a very long time and I am very proud of our accomplishment. We took around 6-8 months and over $1600 dollars but we were unable to advertise it correctly and we are all very busy. BUY IT NOW: $250 LINK TO PURCHASE To buy the server, contact me on...
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