1. BreadBuilds

    Shurima power - 152x152 v1.0

    PRODUCT INFORMATION: ∎ Look at this shurima pyramid with Azir statue! ∎ Size: 152x152 ∎ Versions: 1.8 - 1.20+ ∎ Interiors: Yes ∎ Spawnpoint in the pyramid with 4 NPC places ∎ 2 crate places in front of the pyramid ∎ Cave under the spawn ∎ Azir statue ∎ and so much more.. [/SPOILER]...
  2. PixelMine

    Deadly Pyramid KOTH v1.0.0

  3. PixelMine

    Pyramid Factions Spawn v1.0.0

  4. PixelMine

    Spooky KOTH v1.0.0

  5. Simii

    Epic Pyramids - Duel Arena / Pvp Arena / Mob Arena [ONLY 2.50] v1.1

    Info: - The map is supported for all versions from 1.8 - Can be used as Duel arena, Pvp arena, Mob arena, or even as a lobby - The size of the map is 200x200 - On the map is a place for 2 spawn points - Arena is secured so that no player can leave it. Download: - The download folder is in .zip...
  6. Amer

    Pyramid Hub!(took a long time)

    i am selling a hub me and my friends made so this hub took us 3 weeks to make and we worked hard to do it 1$ this is not a scam. i will make sure you got your copy and will not scam you i will post screenshots so you can see this amazing hub we have made! it is a pyramid hub so we wnt for a...
  7. PixelMine

    Egypt PVP Map v2017-08-07

    This product features custom made trees and great terrain for Pvp! This map IS escapable, however, it is surrounded by Void!
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