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  1. I

    Mystical v1.0

    Mystical is a utility plugin that can be used in different ways: - Ranks Ranks can be given permissions. Every rank a user has, all those rank's permission will be given to them. Ranks can have a prefix that can be used in message. The highest rank will be chosen as the user's rank prefix...
  2. UnforgivableSins

    Advanced LuckPerms Setup OLD Discontinue v1.8-1.19

    PLAYER RANKS STAFF RANKS 1. LuckPerms 2. LuckPermsChat (OPTIONAL) 3. Vault 4. Essentials If you are considering purchasing this product and doesn't know what these ranks do. each donator rank has its own special abilities for example. The Rank called "VIP" has a special feature that the...
  3. Dcney

    Fornite/Minecraft Account

    Looking to trade a fortnite account for a Minecraft Account with Hypixel Rank/Stats Has BattlenPass 2-8 And Like 30 Store Skins With Ikonik ($1000 Phone skin) Add me on discord for pictures Dcne#9891
  4. Dcney

    Looking For Minecraft Acc With Okay hypixel stats.

    Hi im looking for a Full Access Minecraft Account with Decent or okay Hypixel Stats willing to trade Fortnite Ikonik skin account Season 2-8 battle pass.
  5. SaltCanDan

    Looking For: Account with McCentral Rank

    I am looking for an account with rank diamond or higher. Not looking to pay more for a special name, just looking for a ranked account to purchase.
  6. Trickier

    Hey Sence i cant post an account check ille drop it here sorry.

    Name Trickier Decayed Rank Ethereal - 60$ Daedric Rank Daedric - 300$ Sayonpvp Rank Sayon - 98$ Olympium Rank Kronos - 250$ Price Check <3
  7. J


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