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  1. Sir_Craftypants

    Custom Alchemy Pack for Itemsadder V1.0

    Presenting Alchemy Pack for Itemsadder Consisting of an Alchemy Stand, a Pestle and Mortar Models with recipes, create 32 custom Potions and 2 Explosive Potions. Check out the Video for more information below. You could even create your own Potions, use the Potions in this pack as a...
  2. Sir_Craftypants

    230 Food and Produce Pack for Itemsadder v2.3

    230 Food and Produce, a wide variety with countless recipes, farm and pick your produce, cook and craft your Food and Beverages. Multiple new Fruits and Vegetables, around 50 Drinks that work with Itemsadders Thirst Bar. Want to open your own Fast Food Restaurant, work your farm even more...
  3. MoTy

    Planting&Eating 1.1.9

    Planting&Eating is a plugin that expands the possibilities for your SMP server! There are lots of customizable features that blow your minds! Customizable plants, foods, heads, and recipes 5 sorts of plant types Base64 head texture value supports (Minecraft Heads) Custom model data support...
  4. C

    Custom Recipe Book

    Hey I've been searching but I can't seem to find a plugin that does what I'm looking for so I suppose I'll ask here. My server is heavily item based, but with custom items (using CraftBook). With that said, it would be impossible to know how to get through the game without knowing how to make...
  5. TheEpicPotato

    Sailing[1$][Automatic Purchase]

    I am having a deal where if you buy my BetterPvP Plugin you get this plugin and my Role Play for free! So PM me if you'd like to take advantage of this deal! [Sailing] This plugin makes swimming in ocean and deep ocean biomes impossible without a crafted boat. There are three different kinds of...
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