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recruiting medieval

  1. ZeneR1320

    Builders, Admins and Developers Needed!

    Mythieval MC is a Medieval themed server with many games such as PvP, Skywars and Factions! We are looking for kind and skilled people to help us with the server! We need staff possibly 5 Admin staff who will be making sure the server is safe from Hackers, Trolls and help out any problems...
  2. elDudeBruh

    PebbleCraft - Looking for excellent builders - Recruiting! Praised Position!

    Hello there! I am elDudeBruh, the Head-Admin of an awesome server (WIP) called PebbleCraft! Please read: We are currently looking for builders who are good at custom nature builds, like custom trees, and someone who can build medieval style! In the following application format, we ask for proof...
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