1. KingGijs

    [ONCE] Offering 12 GB Server (SSD) for $22 a month!

    Hello everyone, I am offering my 12 GB Server (SSD) for a staggering low amount of $22 monthly! You may ask why? At the moment I am quite busy to being able to maintain, optimize and make any further improvements! Hence, the reason for renting the server and create a win-win situation for both...
  2. Kryth

    leasing use of "" for your server IP address

    This is sort of a unique service I'm thinking of testing out where I lease out use of the domain "" and redirect it to your IP address (dedicated IP required) so that players can connect to your Minecraft server with it by simply typing "MCSERVER.ORG" as the connection IP to join...
  3. D

    For sale: Minecraft - Webhosting - Domain registration COMPANY

    What? VGS Networks is a server hosting company specialized in renting super cheap ($ 3 / GB) and ultra-fast SSD game-, webhosting and domain name registrations. We combine our passion and knowledge to offer wonderful, affordable hosting. Why? I'm offering it for sale because I don't have that...
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