report plugin

  1. Dombooh

    FastBungeeReport- Lightweight and simple v3.0.1

    FAST-BUNGEEREPORT: A free, fast and advanced minecraft reporting plugin for BungeeCord servers only. STAFF MUST HAVE "fastreport.notify-reports" PERMISSIONS TO VIEW REPORTS. SERVERS USING FAST-BUNGEEREPORT: -
  2. I

    Report Plugin with OsTicket Integration

    Hello all, I am looking for a developer who can code a reporting plugin that will integrate with an OsTicket installation so after filing a report, it is shown on OsTick and updates are synced both ways so players can check on their status either in-game or on the web. I would like the status...
  3. S

    SimpleStaffRequest | Easy request commands for your server v1.1

    - PLEASE READ THE README.TXT IN THE PLUGIN FILE SimpleStaffRequest is a very simple plugin for your server (BungeeCord not supported yet) to allow the players some commands like /report and /request. Features: • Fully customizable (Messages and config) • Cooldown system • Permissions • Config...
  4. Aoid

    ✏️Report system | Nice design | Cheap (skript)✏️

    Hi, Today I will be offering you my report system. Screen shots : Player's perspective: Staff perspective: Installation: Download the file as soon as you purchase it, Put it in your script file (Can be found in the skript file), once you've done that go in game and execute the following...
  5. JavaList

    jMod 1 | StaffMode | MySQL | Configurations | Scoreboard | StaffProtection and more ! v1.4

  6. Sliide_

    Reporter v1.2

    REPORT PLUGIN ___________________________________________________________ Report Plugin by Sliide Version: 1.2 Tested Version: 1.8.8 Spigot Spigot Link (Click) Proof Ownership Screenshots ___________________________________________________________...
  7. scarcee

    Report Plugin.

    Hi i am in need of a report plugin. I am looking for a report plugin very much like Kohi's, well badlions now. So when the you type, /report (name). A gui would then pop up with many reasons to report the player. For example like this . IF...
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