request buidlers

  1. F

    Sky Block Spawn

    Hi, so I am currently working on a Sky Block server and I was wondering if anyone could help me with building a spawn I am looking for a spawn that is sky themed Thanks.
  2. ewjwilson

    Builders for Upcoming Server | Paid |

    RAPTUREMC Upcoming Minecraft server with a dedicated staff team. We need builders, working as independent freelancers, to build for our server. Builders must be unique, creative, and able to adapt to briefs and criteria proposed. Builder rates can be negotiable. Please, PM Ewan#6669 on...
  3. Bowd

    5 dropper maps

    Hi there, I need of 5 dropper maps like for those who don't know what a dropper minigame is its falling through a hole dodging obstacles and landing through another hole
  4. TempBanz

    Mine-Sky I Paid In-Game Developer Hello everyone as of the last week or two we were having to stop development of mine sky because alot of our team are busy with school work as its coming up to finals and for personal reasons, so as of now we are looking to hire a minecraft ingame developer for the...
  5. B


    Hello Minecraft community, My name is Bewe and i am current creating a Minecraft network and i am seeking help with building and developing. We have already started on the servers with 2 other people but we need help as its such a big project. We currently have 5 separate servers that all need...
  6. jason35154

    Need Builders For FlexBuilds

    Join the discord and provide a portfolio all proceeds of builds are split evenly between all members participating on build
  7. cameralens

    I need some extra hands. BIG project. Westerny builds. you'll get paid if you want

    Hey If you're good at western style builds Please PLEASE contact me: Or just Skype thomas.shetler1 I really need the help sense the team is fairly busy. I am stuck alone with a big project. I have the others working on other projects.
  8. LockDenial

    Builder That Builds for Cheap

    I need a builder who builds for a non expensive price. Contact me on skype @xericplaysmc For more info msg me on skype!
  9. LegionDev

    Builders Recruitment (Build Team).

    Hello there, we are a new Build Team called CreativeCore. We have two experienced builders on our team, that are the founders of this new team. We spec big things in future. We are looking for builders now, so if you want to join, complete this formulary, or follow us on...
  10. BMGamers_YT

    HeroBuilders looking for new builders

    Who are we: We are a building community that works on a server and wants to help people to get more skills in building. What do we want: We are in need of very good builders that can create very nice buildings. The requirments to apply are: 1. You need to be able to create buildings in the...
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