1. SysBrickman

    Leaderstats with Saving v.1.1

    This is 100% tested and should work if you have installed it correctly. When uploading make sure to choose "Script Files" instead of "All Roblox Model Files" after it's uploaded put the script into "ServerScriptService" and it all should work if you have read the comments in the .lua that you...
  2. SysBrickman

    Low-Poly Pistol v1.0

    This is just a free low-poly gun, don't expect much. It does come with the stuff you need to animate it. Join our Discord server for support: Review me on |
  3. xmelody


    ✅ 25+ Vouches ✅ Roblox-based Market ✅ 1/1 Conversion ✅ Giving PAYPAL/CASHAPP/VENMO for BTC
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