rpg builder

  1. Y

    Valhalla Skyblock RPG [REQUEST BUILDERS]

    Here, I present the project. This server will be a skyblock focused on RPG with a few peculiarities: You will be able to choose your god (Thor, Loki); this choice will grant you bonuses, and there will be events centered around this 'camp' choice. Regarding the skyblock aspect, it will enable...
  2. d4niz

    Forest Map v1.0

    This is a Forest Map low cost for your server. This map contains some RPG trees with some RPG builds for a hub or survival spawn
  3. LFG

    ⚔️ || 1.17.1 | RPG || ⚔️ Looking for Talent Builders !!

    RECRUITMENT ALWAYS AVAILABLE We are a Singapore server currently developing RPG. Seeking passionate, and talented teammates & builders who are interested to build RPG world by projects! [non-open world] Builders Requirement? Age >15 No Worldedit knowledge Builders are acceptable Requires...
  4. PradyXT

    Large RPG Project Requiring LONG TERM Builders | Paid

    ABOUT In contrast to Wynncraft or other servers, we will have a continuous story, which will lead you through five Acts, each based on their own continent with different cities, cultures and gameplay. We will release the Acts one after another, so the players will be already able to experience...
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