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    ⎮Savage Panda⎮Server Setups, Configurations, Webstore Setups ∾ Quality ∾ Ingenuity ∾ Security

    Website: Discord:
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    ⎮Savage Panda⎮ DELUXE KIT GUI ∾ Sounds ∾ Particles ∾ View Per Perm ∾ Live Cooldown Update ∾ 3 Themes

    This is one of the best if not the "Leading one" DeluxeMenus Kit GUI configurations that you will find on the market! Features: ―> 6 Ranks and 6 Pre-made Essentials Kits. (Theme #1 & #2) ―> 6 Ranks and 16 Pre-made Essentials Kits. (Theme #3) ―> Customized with impressive and inspiring, Name...
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    ( 40% OFF)⎮Savage Panda Setups⎮∾ Factions Setup Professional ∾ Crates ∾ Gkits ∾ Ranks ∾ Menus

    "Are you still looking for a server that will stand out from the rest and also give you the flexibility and the power to manage every aspect of the gameplay, mechanics and features?" - Then you have come to the right place! - This setup includes everything that a player is looking for in to a...
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    YouTuber for Server Advertising [Long Term Business Relationship]

    [Looking for new Frontiers & Opportunities?] Hello to everyone. We are on the looks to hire YouTuber(s) that are interested in promoting/advertising on our server by making series/single episodes. The server is Factions and the work put in it is immense. It has ton of features and different...
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    ⎮Savage Panda Setups⎮BungeeCord Server Setup ∾ With Comments Added

    Building a fully grown Network is hard and time consuming, with tedious and for some users a bit messy and confusing settings and options as it was for me in the beginning. This is why i have made this BungeeCord setup, and because we all love to do what we do and with the help of this setup...
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    ⎮Savage Panda⎮CrazyEnchantments ∾ 5 Tiers ∾ 27 Gkits ∾104 Enchantments ∾ 17 Custom ∾ 2 Themes

    Advanced and in-depth configuration for Crazy Enchantments plugin which includes the following, 5 Tier Enchantment Leveling - Simple, Unique, Elite, Ultimate, Legendary. 27 Pre-made Gkits - To reward your players or sell them in your donation Buycraft store. 17 Pre-made Custom Enchantments -...