1. Esco

    Xenon | Your PotSG Solution v1.0

    Xenon is a PotSG core with many completely new features. Designed to accommodate everyone's needs, extremely flexible and highly optimised, ideal for any type of server! There are two versions of Xenon, one with the database in flat-file and the second where the database is saved on MongoDB. I...
  2. filippp21


  3. Ryzeon_

    (30% Sale) Scenarios Api | Addon for Heroes UHC, Discord Webhook, and more.... v1.0-RECODED

    Scenarios API for UHC Servers :D Features: New Scenarios (Every Weeks) - BookCeption - HasteyBoysv2 - Firelessv2 - NoEnchants - Limitations - Sweetdeath - Swordless - Rodless - PowerGapple - Vanilla + - CutClean + - CutCleanRush - AntiCamping DISCORD WEBHOOK: When oflords add more apis...
  4. F

    Host UHC Over 45 Scenarios Mole/TaupeGun v2.6.0

    HostUHC - Best UHC Host plugin +45 scenarios ! Moles/Taupe Gun Available, Fully customizable ! Important : The plugin is now only developed for last minecraft version and 1.8.8. I'll not continue support for versions above 1.8.9 and below last version (currently 1.20) If you're using a non...
  5. CBHud

    Nano Network

    Hello guys i come to advertise my server Nano Network and tonight we are hosting first uhc play nanohq net mc vintal net
  6. M

    [New]Uhc Setup 50% 10 first buyers |▶Custom Config Gui◀| |▶Custom knockback◀|

    Hello, today I come to sell a full configured UHC server setup. You can purchase it here: → Staff Mode UHC integrated! → Custom ores rate! (OrePlus integrated) → Freezer system. → →CombatEntity (Villager NPC) → Shears support! →Custom Config Gui → Game rules...
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