1. raiyan9

    Site - Bravo Facility v1.0

    Introducing SCP: Zone Bravo Immerse yourself in the meticulously designed world of Zone Bravo, tailored for the SCPF universe. Here's what awaits you in this expansive map: Core Features • Expansive Design: A sprawling map with the breadth and depth tailored for SCP enthusiasts. • Containment...
  2. raiyan9

    Locker System v1.0

    Locker System Unlock the potential of immersive gameplay with our Locker System. Seamlessly integrating into your games, this system is designed to enhance user experience and drive engagement. Features: Fully Scripted: No need for extra coding – it’s ready to integrate. Smooth Animation...
  3. raiyan9

    Research Log System v1.0

    About the Research Log System: The Research Log System is not just another asset; it's the heart of interactive roleplay experiences. Whether you're curating an SCP universe or a universe of your own creation, the sophistication and adaptability of this system can't be overlooked. Key Features...
  4. raiyan9

    Star Wars Kessel Map v1.0

    Overview Immerse yourself in the rich lore of Star Wars by exploring the Kessel mines, recreated meticulously for Roblox. Not just a simple backdrop, this is a dynamic, high-quality environment waiting to be filled with your story. Features Large Map! (756 x 1108 Studs) Facility Area & Cave...
  5. raiyan9

    Naboo Star Wars City Map v1.0

    Overview Experience the Star Wars universe like never before with our Naboo Star Wars Map designed for Roblox! This intricate, high-quality map transports you to a galaxy far, far away, where you can live out your interstellar adventures. Features Huge City! (2908 x 4032 Studs Map) Main Menu...
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